Menstrual Cycle & Fertility Q and A

  • Can you get pregnant during your period? Answer >>

  • How can I delay my period from starting? Answer >>

  • How soon are the OTC pregnancy tests positive and when should you take one? Answer >>

  • How do I know if my period is normal? Answer >>

  • What is an irregular menstrual cycle? When to see my Gyn? Answer >>

  • How can I detect ovulation based on my menstrual cycle? Answer >>

  • What does an ovulation prediction test tell me? Answer >>

  • If my menstrual cycle is irregular, what ways can I detect ovulation? Answer >>

  • Can you pick your baby's sex? Answer >>

  • What is preconceptual counseling and why is it important? Answer >>

  • Is preconceptual counseling advisable even if I've had a prior successful pregnancy? Answer >>

  • Do my prior pregnancies impact the one I'm planning to have? Answer >>

  • Is douching OK? Answer >>

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