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As the Fatigue infographic shows, many women are afflicted by Fatigue today, in varying intensities. Members - track your Fatigue here or on the cycle calendar. Visitors - add symptoms to infographics (no login needed). More Below...

Symptom Infographic for Fatigue

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July 19, 2024 (Friday)

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MyMonthlyCycles Members

If you are a MyMonthlyCycles member, you can not only view the infographic for each cycle symptom you track today, but also track directly on this page! Of course, you can also track symptoms in bulk using the cycle calendar, and then view this page to see the infographics.

As a member, make sure to login before you track so that the symptom information you enter is stored in your account.

MyMonthlyCycles Visitors (non-members)

If you'd like to be included in symptom infographics but are not a member, your input is welcome! Simply select each symptom bothering you today, and indicate its impact on you. You can change the symptom severity level, if necessary (e.g. a mistake in entry), during your visit: re-select the symptom, and update the setting. The infographic is updated accordingly.

About Symptom Infographics

Most of us contend with a multitude of cycle symptoms on a daily basis, which can range from being mildly bothersome to severely burdensome. With Symptom Infographics, view how symptoms are also affecting others today - a helpful way to easily know you're not alone.

If you're a member and logged in, when you track a symptom, your pie piece (ie. symptom severity level) is raised to easily identify your group. For example, if you track mild cramps, the mild section of the cramp's infographic rises up to include you! For visitors not logged in, the pie section does not rise, but your tracking is just below the chart.

About Symptom Tracking

If you are familiar with MyMonthlyCycles, the symptom tracking section is similar to the main symptom tracker, online for almost 2 decades. Simply click or tap the severity level (either the radio button or anywhere on the related text) and Save.

Why is None an Option? None is how to un-track a symptom, and is the equivalent of a delete symptom button.

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