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Menstrual Cycle Chart

This menstrual cycle wheel chart summarizes all of your cycles for any year, showing when each menstrual cycle started, how long each cycle lasted, and what day of the week your period started. It's wheely fun, and useful too to spot any longer or shorter cycles, and compare cycles.

If many labels are close together, On Sides reduces overlap

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Menstrual Cycle Chart Wheel

Sample Menstrual Cycle Chart Wheel

Note: Each menstrual cycle during the selected year will be displayed on this chart, showing the date the cycle started, along with the day of week. Just to the right of the date the cycle length is shown, abbreviated as number of days followed by "d". For example, if a cycle is 29 days, it will be shown as 29d. Cycle exclusion rules are not used when calculating shortest and longest cycle for the year.