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Menstrual Period Chart

This free menstruation chart wheel summarizes all your periods for any year, showing when each period started, how long each period lasted, and menstrual flow levels for each period day. Period chart also shows period statistics for the year - average, shortest, longest periods.

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You can select two colors to alternate between periods on your chart; Random (in either field), and your chart decides!

Period Chart Wheel

Sample Period Wheel Chart

Note: Each period during the selected year is displayed on this chart, showing its start date. If a period spans from the previous year, it is included on the chart (with year included in that period's date label).

To the right of the date the period length is shown, abbreviated as number of days followed by "d". For example, if a menstrual period lasted 4 days, it will be shown as 4d. The period statistics that display - average period length, shortest and longest periods - are based on the selected year. If some or many of the periods listed display lengths of 1 day (1d), it likely means that you tracked only the first day of your period. To easily track all days of your period, use the period tracker

Flow level for each period day is displayed in abbreviated format: H = heavy period, M = Medium Period, L = Light Period, and S = Spotting (very light). Menstrual flow is listed in period day order, from first day of menstruation to last. For example, (H, H, M, L) corresponds to Period Day 1, Heavy Flow, Period Day 2, Heavy Flow, Period Day 3 Medium Flow, Period Day 4 Light Flow.