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Oct 9, 2014islandbeautyCharting after 4 unsuccessful years of trying as suggested b...7562
Oct 5, 2014iwanttobeamummyNew cycle. Will hopefully O. Praying for a BFP soon....35850
Oct 4, 2014jadeh0386
Oct 3, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 25, second post-op cycle, still on the corticosteroid...45916
Oct 2, 2014Karma3First month charting, can anyone tell me where ovulation hap...0716
Sep 30, 2014Babe87New to charting...0553
Sep 23, 2014luckyoneFirst time having a possible triphasic pattern. Possible iss...2687
Sep 20, 2014Waiting4aBFPCycle 8, the only new thing is that I'll be lowering my dose...15740
Sep 14, 2014Surfete78Cycle #27...32857
Sep 13, 2014jennyleeThinking about TTC for our 3rd we've been not preventing and...0542
Sep 6, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 24. First cycle post-op. On low dose corticosteroi...24841
Aug 28, 2014PennyBananaMiscarriage at 12 weeks. Had to have a D&C and blood transfu...281056
Aug 27, 2014Carynd13I'm spotting!! I think i might have ovulated on my own for t...5695
Aug 19, 2014Surfete78Cycle 26. When God is ready :)...531063
Aug 19, 2014TMHorsesWell I said I wasn't sharing anymore charts, but this month...18849
Aug 17, 2014Waiting4aBFPTTC Cycle 7: First full cycle temping and will try preseed f...22986
Aug 15, 2014BabyAngel2010Some inconsistant waking times but fairly normal temp ranges...0612
Aug 14, 2014mattchris2001TTC #4 using preseed,softcup,OPK and BBT. Trying after 14 ye...6637
Aug 9, 2014letsmakeababyCycle 57 TTC...hoping this cycle is more regular than last m...6627
Aug 9, 2014PrayingHopingCycle 23. Laparoscopy performed 8/14 - Stage 2 endometri...471172
Jul 28, 2014TMHorsesThis will be that last chart that is shared because if it do...12683
Jul 25, 2014iwanttobeamummyTTC- Last cycle was 80day's with no OV, I really hope this o...1131599
Jul 25, 2014Surfete78Cycle #25 (Break Time)...601114
Jul 21, 2014Lb14Starting the month with higher temps than usual, for me. Now...3652
Jul 14, 2014Carynd13Lets see how this goes with no clomid or anything...3590
Jul 13, 2014Waiting4aBFP6th cycle TTC and 1st month temping (started end of this cyc...7566
Jul 10, 2014PrayingHopingAaaand...Cycle #22......461037
Jul 9, 2014Betsy404Does anyone think its weird to have eggwhite CF from day 13-...2733
Jul 4, 2014KRTTTC....Another Cycle...11884
Jul 2, 2014TMHorsesTTC....again this month, Giving it another try!...11667
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