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Apr 26, 2010SnowLoverDoes this chart luck healthy enough for a pregnancy to occur...3707
Apr 24, 2010ShawnaJillNot actively ttc this month, but not preventing. Trying to g...1716
Apr 23, 2010st26Do my temps look promising? Hoping for my BFP this week. Two...42010
Apr 18, 2010islandbeauty0213
Apr 17, 2010TiajeanHave been sick for a couple weeks. Finally feeling better an...6825
Apr 16, 2010DaynaHad the anatomy u/s. It's still a boy! Hubby and I are think...833859
Apr 16, 2010BFPhopeful11597
Apr 15, 2010Lala10Temp all over the map. So does that mean I ovulated multiple...3602
Apr 15, 2010LuWen2nd month charting...181238
Apr 15, 2010WishingOnAStar20106639
Apr 15, 2010ssbd4meNo meds this month lets see if I O on my own.This is month 4...112814
Apr 14, 2010sairam0449
Apr 12, 2010MrsCTTC6th cycle using CBFM 10 mths TTC....10942
Apr 9, 2010nettyxa2464
Apr 9, 2010curiousGOn to the Next...111095
Apr 9, 2010PreBabyPlanner7/8 Month ttc...not trying much this cycle just a little spo...10690
Apr 9, 2010ANG0401289
Apr 8, 2010Damitatrying to get pg again after miscarriage, miscarriage haappe...4779
Apr 8, 2010Babyprayers2nd Full month of DIMM, DHEA, B, raw herbs, starting crampin...3734
Apr 6, 2010starsedenupdate 5/22 we miscarried two days in hospital with complete...151487
Apr 5, 2010AmmariChemical pregnancy...wish I never POAS otherwise I never wou...01301
Apr 3, 2010MissyDeeTrying again after a very long cycle!...6942
Apr 3, 2010ourlittleoneNYCMonth #1...1981
Apr 2, 2010Rungrl80On to the third cycle of Clomid. Hoping for IUI this month....6803
Apr 2, 2010MC987Cycle #8, starting fertility workup this month, using EPO, B...91020
Mar 31, 2010destined0395
Mar 31, 2010Jen17021st month charting temps and fertile signs...0591
Mar 30, 2010st260411
Mar 29, 2010kaylah184th cycle off BC pill....21097
Mar 29, 2010deppypung1480
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