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Sep 8, 2009applectI can't believe it! It feels too good to be true....151724
Sep 8, 2009TiajeanNew free trial.... updating my charts...0408
Sep 7, 2009PreBabyPlannerNot a ton of tracking this month - no premium membership...0338
Sep 6, 2009smurfy1424
Sep 4, 2009readyformoredang temps! what is going on?? i am new to this. had a early...91021
Sep 4, 2009corcin0355
Sep 3, 2009Babyprayersstarting acu with Jamie, herbs, and moxi...3727
Sep 3, 2009Clareccc75Hooray!! the metformim has really rgulated my periods.. stil...2753
Sep 1, 2009TTCinTampaMay POAS tomorrow if the temp remains above 98.2...261249
Aug 28, 2009Light23rd Month TTC. Frustrated and getting very down. Seeing fer...4733
Aug 27, 2009HopfulllittleTEMy AF came ...and I was sad...But I know its for the best du...112613
Aug 26, 2009EllenEI have stage IV endometriosis. TTC for the past year. Anyone...7836
Aug 21, 2009Yadi1391639
Aug 21, 2009NikAnnNot sure if I want to chart next month. Will call doc again...692059
Aug 21, 2009Trishee0477
Aug 19, 2009Twinkles1816I got my BFP!!! YAY!!!...282644
Aug 19, 2009Rungrl80And she arrives right on time, spotting and all....3801
Aug 19, 2009lkk724th month ttc, 3rd month charting...412072
Aug 17, 2009vivyangel2311533
Aug 15, 2009aimseeOkay, just found out I have a septate uterus! Anyone else wi...8666
Aug 15, 2009MrsBeb541418
Aug 14, 2009gersuz7879Nuvaring cycle. Just posting so I can keep track of each cyc...1795
Aug 13, 2009Tiffyk1980Back on top and on to Cycle 2. Didn't chart temp last month,...3592
Aug 12, 200917317071Hoping this is the month!...7845
Aug 11, 2009CaliGirlYay for vaca!...572147
Aug 11, 2009wishingforbaby2513
Aug 11, 2009curiousGWaiting for O AGAIN......311279
Aug 9, 2009Babyprayers0437
Aug 9, 2009NajoO? Where are you?...13875
Aug 8, 2009svlasekNo luck with first clomid cycle, though I thought BFP with t...18959
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