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Aug 19, 2013Jeny13#4 cycle ttc...0506
Aug 19, 2013MzDeVoreLast I have seen my menstrual........1514
Aug 17, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 11 - No temping, no OPKs, no fern microscope. Doing th...431250
Aug 17, 2013KNAsurroCharting for surrobabe #3...0371
Aug 12, 2013JoyfullyHoping2nd cycle in 11 years. Thankful I am not bleeding constantly...11953
Aug 10, 2013TikiOh well, Here comes another cycle....15891
Aug 10, 2013crissyleeNot really sure when I O'ed...2630
Aug 8, 2013cmbohne1not really sure what's going on, this entire past week after...1739
Aug 7, 2013Tammarie4August 2013-Third month trying....5573
Aug 6, 2013ttcmyowngot my bfp.... First month using bbt opk and epo...221898
Aug 6, 2013JuPuAm I!? 2nd cycle with vitex and maca. Used preseed this t...5746
Aug 5, 2013Surfete78Same Song! Different Cycle...531083
Aug 5, 2013jazzymoma0424
Aug 2, 2013ILHopeIf at first you don't succeed, try, try again. However, my h...3750
Jul 31, 2013hope4life80First Chart Attempt...4698
Jul 26, 2013deepsany one has any idea looking at this chart. am ttc 4 months,...4570
Jul 26, 2013KYC8429First time recording BBT. Long haul flight (20hrs) on the...2575
Jul 25, 2013Prayerwarriorfemara and Ovitrelle triger shot...0523
Jul 25, 2013praying4twinsWasted my money on femara, ovitrelle and lots of pregnancy t...28992
Jul 24, 2013Candicegaud0596
Jul 22, 2013Jeny13#3 cycle ttc - no BBT...0540
Jul 20, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 10 Attempt - HSG Cycle - BFN again....331093
Jul 19, 2013mommiesomedayJust putting my chart out here but we are taking a break fro...4723
Jul 19, 2013letsmakeababyIVF Cycle #2, 44 Mnths TTC!...10676
Jul 15, 2013Jen17020406
Jul 13, 2013MissMama120993
Jul 10, 2013JuPuFirst cycle on Vitex...0516
Jul 9, 2013Surfete78God will bless me :)...391061
Jul 9, 2013ttcmyownFirst time charting bbt...7540
Jul 7, 2013cmbohne1AF 3 days late, more than 24 dpo of temps staying up.Have no...19839
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