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Sep 13, 2013BlakeleyTtc since May. First time charting...0564
Sep 13, 2013LoriB831729
Sep 11, 2013mommiesomedayBack to TTC with IUI! Fingers crossed that it not only works...10709
Sep 10, 2013jazzymoma0429
Sep 7, 2013Tammarie45+wks, brown spotting, waiting on beta test....341385
Sep 7, 2013TikiStress free cycle and not charting or checking bbt. Au natur...5578
Sep 5, 2013deepsOMG!!! i cant believe this is my month...51701
Sep 4, 2013mrsurban20110519
Sep 3, 2013Surfete78Father's Day Baby :)...541332
Aug 31, 2013letsmakeababyIVF Cycle #2-45 Months TTC!...491164
Aug 31, 2013NazoMetformin with letrozole. ttc#2 after m/c...231379
Aug 31, 2013Candicegaud0528
Aug 31, 2013asma1th Cycle:Trying for our second kid....3662
Aug 29, 2013Gianyconst0465
Aug 28, 2013mommiesomedayOfficially the last cycle that we are going to take a break...5675
Aug 24, 2013Neary0484
Aug 24, 2013soready1Looking good! I hope! Could use some opinions!!! Second mont...10822
Aug 23, 2013praying4twinsNo temping, no meds or drugs, no cm or cervix checks, no tim...4887
Aug 23, 2013KYC8429#2, long haul travel on 1st and 2nd Sept...2822
Aug 23, 2013Prayerwarrior0663
Aug 20, 2013Jen1702We have been trying since March this year had a chemical in...01023
Aug 20, 2013ChloesmummyPeriod late but neg preg test...1598
Aug 19, 2013Jeny13#4 cycle ttc...0569
Aug 19, 2013MzDeVoreLast I have seen my menstrual........1581
Aug 17, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 11 - No temping, no OPKs, no fern microscope. Doing th...431312
Aug 17, 2013KNAsurroCharting for surrobabe #3...0422
Aug 12, 2013JoyfullyHoping2nd cycle in 11 years. Thankful I am not bleeding constantly...111051
Aug 10, 2013TikiOh well, Here comes another cycle....15963
Aug 10, 2013crissyleeNot really sure when I O'ed...2713
Aug 8, 2013cmbohne1not really sure what's going on, this entire past week after...1825
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