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Sep 13, 2013LoriB831988
Sep 13, 2013KYC8429#3...0953
Sep 11, 2013mommiesomedayBack to TTC with IUI! Fingers crossed that it not only works...10894
Sep 10, 2013jazzymoma0598
Sep 7, 2013Tammarie45+wks, brown spotting, waiting on beta test....341643
Sep 7, 2013TikiStress free cycle and not charting or checking bbt. Au natur...5799
Sep 5, 2013deepsOMG!!! i cant believe this is my month...52005
Sep 4, 2013mrsurban20110703
Sep 3, 2013Surfete78Father's Day Baby :)...541607
Aug 31, 2013NazoMetformin with letrozole. ttc#2 after m/c...231669
Aug 31, 2013Candicegaud0739
Aug 31, 2013asma1th Cycle:Trying for our second kid....3861
Aug 31, 2013letsmakeababyIVF Cycle #2-45 Months TTC!...491364
Aug 29, 2013Gianyconst0653
Aug 28, 2013mommiesomedayOfficially the last cycle that we are going to take a break...5869
Aug 24, 2013Neary0733
Aug 24, 2013soready1Looking good! I hope! Could use some opinions!!! Second mont...101039
Aug 23, 2013praying4twinsNo temping, no meds or drugs, no cm or cervix checks, no tim...41076
Aug 23, 2013KYC8429#2, long haul travel on 1st and 2nd Sept...2999
Aug 23, 2013Prayerwarrior0867
Aug 20, 2013Jen1702We have been trying since March this year had a chemical in...01325
Aug 20, 2013ChloesmummyPeriod late but neg preg test...1775
Aug 19, 2013Jeny13#4 cycle ttc...0786
Aug 19, 2013MzDeVoreLast I have seen my menstrual........1771
Aug 17, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 11 - No temping, no OPKs, no fern microscope. Doing th...431486
Aug 17, 2013KNAsurroCharting for surrobabe #3...0607
Aug 12, 2013JoyfullyHoping2nd cycle in 11 years. Thankful I am not bleeding constantly...111295
Aug 10, 2013TikiOh well, Here comes another cycle....151170
Aug 10, 2013crissyleeNot really sure when I O'ed...2985
Aug 8, 2013cmbohne1not really sure what's going on, this entire past week after...11088
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