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Sep 3, 2012Tiki0485
Sep 3, 2012letsmakeababy0694
Sep 2, 2012Candicegaud0627
Aug 29, 2012Frayochwhoa! my temps all over, perhaps I didn't o? :( and + LH aga...51475
Aug 28, 2012msblair84when was ovulation? My first 4 temps are strange,is this a f...1939
Aug 27, 2012PennyBananaTTC Month #23...91123
Aug 26, 2012MmLeekIs this normal what's up with the drop on cd 19 ovulated oct...0617
Aug 26, 2012countrylovin4evrTrying for 3rd child. Crazy as it sounds. Am trying to lose...41852
Aug 25, 2012R5TSpent months stalking so thought i'd join up...2928
Aug 24, 2012mbdigsSad that it didn't happen last month...still wish I knew wha...51223
Aug 22, 2012DeeDeeXxX0640
Aug 22, 2012AnneMarieCycle #9 TTC. Can't believe I'm doing this again. People I k...31073
Aug 18, 2012tannin0753
Aug 18, 2012Imagine2950
Aug 17, 2012MnemesCatClomid (Serophene) cycle #5: days 5-9 @ 150 mg/day. Still ta...3889
Aug 13, 2012dnrbabyTTC #2 with charting...lets do better this time...0937
Aug 12, 2012UrbanBeautyIDK what is going on!!!...21072
Aug 11, 2012puttertatLet's make a VACA baby!...31063
Aug 11, 2012JeannieThis is taking forever! :(...2967
Aug 6, 2012ssbd4me0876
Aug 3, 2012GailwynstarrTTC cycle 1. Ended in BFP!...0700
Jul 31, 2012mommiesomedayDH is finally home again from his training and just in time...141291
Jul 30, 2012PennyBananaMonth ttc #22 & #3 of injectables. Here we go again......201685
Jul 29, 2012letsmakeababyletsmakeababyjourney.blogspot...7985
Jul 26, 2012mbdigsGot temp spike but -OPK. Hoping that this is the month!!! Mo...3787
Jul 24, 2012DeeDeeXxX0641
Jul 23, 2012AnneMarieMonth #8 of TTC. Can't believe summer's almost over already!...5902
Jul 16, 2012ImagineNicely settled into my new home now really hope my friends a...201253
Jul 16, 2012Jeannie0608
Jul 15, 2012puttertatI am ready for another baby, let's make that happen!...10969
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