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Jan 24, 2012R4chelI thought this cycle would never end......311353
Jan 20, 2012WantBabiesTTC after Partial Molar Pregnancy...18974
Jan 19, 2012stajamesI'M OUT!!! :( Not sure if I can keep doing this every month....301615
Jan 19, 2012Ready2BMomBFN :(...121139
Jan 19, 2012letsmakeababyWell, another BFN! Moving on to Month 26 TTC!...451657
Jan 17, 2012ImagineAh well better get back on the horse...!...0670
Jan 16, 2012MrsCompassFirst IUI = BFP (ended in mc)...271411
Jan 12, 2012Amy31537back on the top...31114
Jan 12, 2012AnxiouslyTTC0998
Jan 11, 2012Thiagetting back in action...1810
Jan 8, 2012HopfulllittleTEWe finally Got our BFP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeping our fingers...263239
Jan 5, 2012jennyleeThis is last month's temp's/chart!...0903
Jan 2, 2012Loloking16964
Dec 29, 2011myladybug32 weeks!! 7 more to go! Cant believe it! Im almost in the h...993625
Dec 23, 2011stajamesBack to try again...hoping the "break" from trying will help...111027
Dec 22, 2011PennyBananaArgh. I don't know what to say except this stinks. Don't kno...202435
Dec 21, 2011letsmakeababyBack at the top :( Month 25 of TTC...261583
Dec 19, 2011Imagine1st month TTC...0498
Dec 19, 2011MrsCompassBloodwork confirmed ovulation. Progesterone Level @ 36. C...141370
Dec 16, 2011Amy31537Progesterone test says I ovulated :)...111173
Dec 15, 2011reevestx2This so the oddest chart I have had to date. I can't make he...131361
Dec 14, 2011AnxiouslyTTC0598
Dec 7, 2011Ready2BMomUltrasound results showed the leftover active follicle is no...111239
Dec 6, 2011beansie123this is my last try for a little one for a while! started ta...231387
Dec 1, 2011curious41196
Nov 26, 2011stajames0779
Nov 25, 2011myladybugStarting a new cycle........201401
Nov 21, 2011mommiesomedayTaking a break for a while. I'll be checking in on you guys...2961
Nov 21, 2011Amy31537tomorrow temp will decide if I test...going start 50mg of cl...261459
Nov 20, 2011PennyBananaRound 3 of Clomid. Hoping this will be our month. Baby dust...481685
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