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Feb 20, 2012ImagineThought I'd relax a bit and didn't take temps this month but...0989
Feb 18, 2012mamabear04Stopped taking prog only bc pill Nov 2011. Currently breastf...61026
Feb 18, 2012AnneMarieMy first time charting.... not sure I estimated the ovulatio...21111
Feb 18, 2012letsmakeababyDr appt today (3/12) went well! 1st IUI is set for next mont...902099
Feb 17, 2012Ready2BMomBFN...have to take the next cycle off too :( Meet with RE in...111451
Feb 17, 2012ssbd4me111119
Feb 15, 2012stajames251493
Feb 13, 2012ThiaTested Saturday 9DPO ......242822
Feb 13, 2012sassy30hi can anyone tell me if i have ovulated going by my chart?...01789
Feb 8, 2012AnxiouslyTTC11039
Feb 7, 2012JoshsangelJust a over view after having a micarriage....21371
Feb 5, 2012KristynKFirst month of charting after some odd cycles....0853
Feb 4, 2012cborn78101222
Feb 4, 2012TorcorDid I O on CD18 or CD19?...42036
Feb 3, 2012jennylee01147
Feb 1, 2012mou01567
Jan 29, 2012ksteinmetzmonth 2 of being diagnosed with PCOS and taking Metformin an...22117
Jan 26, 2012PennyBananaClomid cycle #5 - going to take it easy this month. Doc kept...802579
Jan 25, 2012reevestx2Here we go again....... Never ending roll coaster :(...41847
Jan 24, 2012R4chelI thought this cycle would never end......311598
Jan 20, 2012WantBabiesTTC after Partial Molar Pregnancy...181230
Jan 19, 2012Ready2BMomBFN :(...121419
Jan 19, 2012letsmakeababyWell, another BFN! Moving on to Month 26 TTC!...451885
Jan 19, 2012stajamesI'M OUT!!! :( Not sure if I can keep doing this every month....301875
Jan 17, 2012ImagineAh well better get back on the horse...!...0946
Jan 16, 2012MrsCompassFirst IUI = BFP (ended in mc)...271630
Jan 12, 2012Amy31537back on the top...31463
Jan 12, 2012AnxiouslyTTC01215
Jan 11, 2012Thiagetting back in action...11040
Jan 8, 2012HopfulllittleTEWe finally Got our BFP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeping our fingers...266238
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