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Dec 19, 2011MrsCompassBloodwork confirmed ovulation. Progesterone Level @ 36. C...141414
Dec 16, 2011Amy31537Progesterone test says I ovulated :)...111206
Dec 15, 2011reevestx2This so the oddest chart I have had to date. I can't make he...131387
Dec 14, 2011AnxiouslyTTC0633
Dec 7, 2011Ready2BMomUltrasound results showed the leftover active follicle is no...111272
Dec 6, 2011beansie123this is my last try for a little one for a while! started ta...231452
Dec 1, 2011curious41240
Nov 26, 2011stajames0816
Nov 25, 2011myladybugStarting a new cycle........201438
Nov 21, 2011mommiesomedayTaking a break for a while. I'll be checking in on you guys...2999
Nov 21, 2011Amy31537tomorrow temp will decide if I test...going start 50mg of cl...261508
Nov 20, 2011PennyBananaRound 3 of Clomid. Hoping this will be our month. Baby dust...481732
Nov 20, 2011Ready2BMomClomid canceled due to active follicle on cd3 :(...121376
Nov 18, 2011MrsCompassFemara/Letrozole #1 = BFN...391342
Nov 16, 2011letsmakeababyMonth 24 TTC after recent miscarriage! Lets hope this cycle...431662
Nov 16, 2011AnxiouslyTTC0513
Nov 15, 2011reevestx2My temp spiked but I never had an implantation dip...does th...261660
Nov 9, 2011beansie123that's it! no more temping! i'm starting to get a little too...41091
Nov 3, 2011samiamfirst cycle after miscarriage and d & c...0736
Nov 2, 2011mommiesomedayYup, another short cycle...trying to keep the faith and not...61078
Oct 30, 2011stajames0720
Oct 27, 2011curiousNot sure what's going on. Going to wait until Saturday and t...111579
Oct 27, 2011Amy31537the witch showed her face today another cycle.......171453
Oct 25, 2011AlainaI can only hope for another peak!...122423
Oct 23, 2011jessabellina0873
Oct 22, 2011myladybugTWW I GUESS..............301660
Oct 22, 2011Ready2BMomReally bummed!...251662
Oct 19, 2011PennyBananaRound two of Clomid. Clomid extended my LP by 4 days. Very d...261599
Oct 15, 2011AnxiouslyTTC0577
Oct 15, 2011mommiesomedayOMG!!! Here I go again, seriously my cycles couldn't be anym...111335
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