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Sep 10, 2011Ready2BMomDid O, but really short LP :(...172155
Sep 8, 2011ILHopeEverything is much better now!...1094275
Sep 7, 2011stajamesMy body is teasing me!! Slight rise in temp this morning....582941
Sep 6, 2011kmama4Next cycle ........32288
Sep 2, 2011Yadi1No clue what's going on...I guess I'm just waiting for AF. :...373377
Sep 1, 2011malottemama11792
Aug 31, 2011curiousGI'm taking a Break!...493578
Aug 31, 2011MrsCompassAfter taking a break - we're on it again!!!...81642
Aug 30, 2011curiousNot long to wait now.. I'm very excited - this will be th...282242
Aug 30, 2011JCC88...Didn't see AF coming so soon!! She's SUPER earlier. Here'...62334
Aug 30, 2011HopfulllittleTEWont Be able to TTC until after October due to my Hubby bein...51853
Aug 27, 2011jj83132026
Aug 26, 2011mickidiana31813
Aug 25, 2011AMG6040Not sure what is going on here...need some help!...33800
Aug 23, 2011AlainaExpecting AF any day now :(...11608
Aug 22, 2011AmandagrllWe saw our baby's heartbeat today! Our miracle baby, right w...364669
Aug 20, 2011Want2BeMommy342140
Aug 17, 2011Sam26Going through something awful......112050
Aug 17, 2011myladybugHmm Not sure what to think at this point?...502662
Aug 15, 2011WantBabiesHope this is the month! 1st cycle of Clomid. 11th cycle afte...151849
Aug 14, 2011Kimily01948
Aug 12, 2011stajamesI wish I could be positive about the temp jump but I slept h...312678
Aug 12, 2011reesa26did i ovulate yet...243214
Aug 11, 2011letsmakeababyWell, no luck this month...BFN :( Moving on to Month 21 of T...192192
Aug 11, 2011Tryingfor2nd17DPO???? negative test?????...191695
Aug 10, 2011Yadi1:"(...682433
Aug 8, 2011ILHopeAF has arrived...I just hope this is my last AF for a long t...172208
Aug 7, 2011Hopeful4BFPBFP, OMG I can't believe it ladies!!! In shock and so excite...725837
Aug 7, 2011mommiesomedayYeah, finally a fresh new cycle!!! Back to charting this tim...131741
Aug 7, 2011bijoux01733
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