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May 31, 2011mummy2two3rd month trying, possible implantation dip 6dpo. Maybe this...21324
May 28, 2011Cynderella3846
May 26, 2011myladybugStarting Over After A Miscarriage :(...61137
May 25, 2011clippyanother bad one!...101619
May 25, 2011TannessaTTC #2. Last cycle's temps were more normal than ever! On vi...431428
May 25, 2011Want2BeMommy221282
May 24, 2011JanetPlanetGood News, Bad News. BFP but my HCG numbers are horrible. 18...533404
May 24, 2011htinsleyBBT Chart...3999
May 22, 2011MonicaV8261103
May 20, 2011AmandagrllSo if no BFP this cycle, IUI will happen next cycle! Come on...171121
May 20, 2011curiousGFresh Start. Less Stress...141221
May 20, 2011CrazyTTCGoing through another miscarriage. Please pray that I O soon...141446
May 19, 2011LuWenBFP - thank you, thank you god - I am truly the happiest wom...924986
May 18, 2011strugglingmum2bHere we go again, new chart for a new cycle. Have got to tak...2986
May 17, 2011armygurl3211009
May 16, 2011AdyaAunt Flo reared her ugly head today. DH and I are going to B...161464
May 16, 2011KNSsurroThis is a traditional surrogate journey. 2nd month of charti...81400
May 15, 2011mommiesomedayWell bummer, just waiting to get AF again today or tomorrow....321535
May 14, 2011RebeccaKFinally I have a clearly positive OPK and then it doesn't ma...31226
May 14, 2011NvrGaveUpHopeFirst cycle and period after miscarriage....131523
May 13, 2011letsmakeababy18 months TTC...2nd BBT Chart...hoping for a BFP this month!...291978
May 12, 2011kmama4Not preventing pregnancy but not 100% trying...2902
May 11, 2011JeannieSecond month trying and first month using BBT....111532
May 11, 2011PennyBanana0877
May 11, 2011ILHopeAfter Chemical, and this is my first chart with vaginal temp...81102
May 8, 2011Sam26having a rough cycle. still having hope....91340
May 8, 2011cborn78Its been 9 months so far and no luck. I found out that I hav...111396
May 7, 2011KES220808
May 6, 2011AlainaDid I even O?...0694
May 6, 2011mummy2twoTwo positive opks 5 days apart. Temp spike then fall after 1...51007
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