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May 14, 2011RebeccaKFinally I have a clearly positive OPK and then it doesn't ma...32013
May 13, 2011letsmakeababy18 months TTC...2nd BBT Chart...hoping for a BFP this month!...292559
May 12, 2011kmama4Not preventing pregnancy but not 100% trying...21397
May 11, 2011PennyBanana01416
May 11, 2011ILHopeAfter Chemical, and this is my first chart with vaginal temp...81666
May 11, 2011JeannieSecond month trying and first month using BBT....112059
May 8, 2011cborn78Its been 9 months so far and no luck. I found out that I hav...111876
May 8, 2011Sam26having a rough cycle. still having hope....91906
May 7, 2011KES2201301
May 6, 2011mummy2twoTwo positive opks 5 days apart. Temp spike then fall after 1...51511
May 6, 2011AlainaDid I even O?...01243
May 6, 2011reevestx2Lisa's Chart - Any idea's?...21340
May 5, 2011SMU200001340
May 4, 2011HopfulllittleTEI no longer am taking my temp. The doc siad it isnt accurate...151950
May 1, 2011Monica41BFP!! I can'te believe it. I haven't been on in a few months...123164
May 1, 2011CaperChickTrying the charting again, what do you think??...21905
Apr 30, 2011MalS01747
Apr 29, 2011TannessaFirst official month TTC #2. Seeing a slow rise here!...51696
Apr 28, 2011JCC881st time charting....131788
Apr 28, 2011HorizonsongPREGNANT!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)...183719
Apr 25, 2011strugglingmum2bIs this the month? Not sure! only my second month of bbt cha...91470
Apr 25, 2011KTaylorHere we go again :)...101712
Apr 24, 2011AmandagrllStarted spotting, guess another cycle begins. Fertiliy consu...91520
Apr 23, 2011LuWenEnjoying the journey and my DH - he is such a trooper :) LOB...252018
Apr 23, 2011prayn4grl01665
Apr 23, 2011JanetPlanet81631
Apr 20, 2011RebeccaKI think the OPK's missed my O! Do I see the beginning of a t...81559
Apr 20, 2011mommiesomedayYeah for O!! First one in over two cycles!! Next up thyroid...141824
Apr 18, 2011KNSsurroThis is a Traditional Surrogate journey. 1st month of chart...91804
Apr 18, 2011Smirkle1st Time Charting, Clomid CD4-8, acupuncture....101953
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