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Sep 18, 2017KRT4442
Sep 17, 2017Blakeley#9 ttc baby2...6524
Sep 8, 2017Mokihana17First month TTC baby #2...0265
Sep 7, 2017Beachgirl802373
Aug 28, 2017TMHorsesTracking #83 We haven't gave up yet. Still trusting God and...4440
Aug 24, 2017Lizzinator0248
Aug 21, 2017Erika275515
Aug 21, 2017Gamze0288
Aug 17, 2017Blakeley#8 ttc baby 2...14735
Aug 5, 2017KRT15660
Aug 3, 2017TMHorsesTracking #82 We haven't gave up yet. Still trusting God and...7434
Aug 1, 2017Mokihana17stressful and anxiety filled month...0205
Jul 27, 2017Lizzinator0228
Jul 23, 2017Erika279713
Jul 23, 2017Gamze0365
Jul 21, 2017Blakeley#7 ttc baby 2...9531
Jul 13, 2017babysky0368
Jul 9, 2017TMHorsesHere we go again, but this will be our first cycle started o...5472
Jul 8, 2017pmttcCycle #7 First time Temping...3349
Jul 3, 2017KRT10574
Jun 28, 2017Mokihana17first cycle after invasive open heart surgery...0177
Jun 25, 2017Gamze0248
Jun 23, 2017Erika279558
Jun 23, 2017Blakeley6th cycle ttc #2...19710
Jun 16, 2017TMHorsesWell got through my hysterosalpingogram, tubes are open, fix...5380
Jun 9, 2017jennx8447
Jun 7, 2017xtinaLikely false hope, but I am happy to report my LOWEST temps...5613
Jun 5, 2017KRT10543
May 25, 2017TMHorsesCycle #77 I think, been a long road....10455
May 24, 2017Erika273 chemical pregnancies in 1 year is getting to be too much....14569
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