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Oct 4, 2010kaylah189th cycle off BC Pill...91849
Oct 2, 2010pink60schickNot really goin out of our way to try at the minute, still w...51057
Oct 2, 2010LMCUK1949
Oct 2, 2010kenade71206
Oct 2, 2010babybe2nd month TTC......151771
Sep 30, 2010sperry6609Trying since June this year....151427
Sep 30, 2010Jen1702This is my last month trying for a baby :-( wish everyone el...11163
Sep 30, 2010bhd100Had some extremely bad family news on tues, Temps looked so...151363
Sep 30, 201035smiling0777
Sep 30, 2010tryin4pinkI have been trying 4 months. My BB has not gone back down si...101053
Sep 29, 2010KayandJayWaiting... and waiting... and waiting......51074
Sep 28, 2010Neilly11 DPO BFP!!!! I'm so thrilled!!...93136
Sep 26, 2010Latavanesia51078
Sep 26, 2010cborn78Here's to a successful month!...161420
Sep 26, 2010TonyapWhen will my bbt rise after a + opk? And why is my opk + for...91289
Sep 25, 20102SoCalMamas01588
Sep 24, 2010adamsmom6Having DUB stinks...01032
Sep 23, 2010JanetPlanet0643
Sep 21, 2010theresa7091051
Sep 21, 2010AmmariOfficially past the 6-month mark...here's hoping it happens...211250
Sep 20, 2010HopfulllittleTEI am not taking my temp yet again......01897
Sep 19, 2010MarceliaBFP 10/13 after 2 miscarriages using progesterone cream & pr...162344
Sep 17, 2010Sam26It seems that this will be an easy cycle. AF was very sensib...0649
Sep 17, 2010cnbabyIt looked like it was going triphasic!!! But now I'm prepari...71306
Sep 16, 2010lustraeCycle 17: We have our first IUI this month. We're going natu...261527
Sep 16, 2010ttc072008Very disappointed :( temps are down and AF is showing her ug...331849
Sep 15, 2010BSmith1975My husband and I are trying for our first baby. I am a cance...41069
Sep 11, 2010MeliBelly0813
Sep 8, 2010kimmyrose720966
Sep 8, 2010Monica41Fingers crossed this is the lucky month! GL and LOBD to ever...151498
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