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Mar 2, 2010Rungrl80On to month 2 of Clomid. Here we go again....61216
Mar 2, 2010st260655
Mar 1, 2010FunintheSunLast month on clomid before next step, FSH shots...5913
Mar 1, 2010Tiajean0712
Mar 1, 2010jemmfirst doc appt after BFP. she said they'd have hcg the next...52128
Mar 1, 2010deppypung0550
Feb 28, 2010MzluvlyWow still waiting for aunt flo to visit and she's MIA... lol...5914
Feb 26, 2010cathdono11219
Feb 24, 2010BabyprayersStopped all herbs and metformin this month to see if that wo...0617
Feb 18, 2010KatieVWent to the fertility doctor. Got a saline sonohystogram, wh...131123
Feb 17, 2010MissyDee91410
Feb 15, 2010ssbd4me91959
Feb 13, 2010readyformorethree preg tests this am....all BFP! I am in shock! This tim...473970
Feb 13, 2010Light29th Month TTC. Had hoped to start IVF this month but need a...41340
Feb 13, 2010kmackie198121058
Feb 12, 20103rdtimemommyOn to month 5 of charting, Ive had my bloods done and Im def...91519
Feb 12, 2010kaylah183rd cycle off BC pill....21242
Feb 12, 2010HopfulllittleTEI was informed today that my prolactin levels have doubled s...61594
Feb 11, 2010curiousGOn to the next...201303
Feb 9, 2010MrsCTTCCycle 4 using CBFM......131331
Feb 7, 2010MC987Cycle #6, Hope this is the month.. using PreSeed, evening pr...71209
Feb 7, 2010smilelyjaeI'm a lot confused about this month's chart. Is it possible...4965
Feb 6, 2010BabyprayersDisappointing month - not sure why I am starting soooo early...0698
Feb 5, 2010Rungrl80First cycle on clomid. I'll be on vacation during my fertile...71479
Feb 3, 2010Clareccc75Pregnant!...324171
Feb 1, 2010NikAnnHere we go again...I have lost count......52205
Jan 31, 2010st260571
Jan 29, 2010marriedcali1st month of charting...0913
Jan 28, 2010TJ261st AF Since MC 3rd Jan 2010...91017
Jan 27, 2010ERRN0704
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