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Nov 12, 2009MC98730yrs old, DH 34 we have been TTC #1 this is our 4th cycle a...6692
Nov 10, 2009ttcbaby117af due tom. temp today has me thinking af will come. Do you...1616
Nov 10, 2009TiajeanAt the top again. Got my hopes up this month because I was l...151151
Nov 9, 2009DaynaBFN. Waiting for AF....261309
Nov 9, 2009parksjeTTC 1 year...3849
Nov 8, 2009cherryjoOther chart pinpointed ovulation, looks like I missed it thi...17937
Nov 7, 2009PreBabyPlannerOn to cycle 4...Maybe i will use OPK's this time. Still sear...18881
Nov 6, 2009almarkos0365
Nov 5, 2009LCKCould it be an implantation dip @ 5DPO?...3830
Nov 4, 2009DTCFirst time posting my chart.......3543
Nov 3, 2009boyslie3865602
Nov 3, 2009HopfulllittleTESo Af showed her face again.....I am so sad I waas really ho...493143
Nov 3, 2009Clareccc75Hooray! AF - started the clomid now so fingers crossed this...361159
Nov 1, 2009curiousGLets see what this cycle brings :)...421541
Oct 31, 2009Rungrl80TTC 1 yr. HSG this month and tubes are clear. Possible male...10711
Oct 30, 200941yearsold0390
Oct 30, 2009ahannaThis is only my 2nd month charting but looks as if I have no...121970
Oct 29, 2009readyformoreAdd me to the club ...BFP today!!!! YAY!...644898
Oct 29, 2009EssentialSoul19810
Oct 29, 2009BabyprayersMonth 2 of acu and herbs. Started post mensus herbs day 4....21035
Oct 29, 2009mamacass2848
Oct 28, 2009ElbyKoh0376
Oct 28, 2009NikAnnBFN! I'm done unless I can get some answers. I can't stand t...211321
Oct 26, 2009wantingagirl13633
Oct 26, 2009Ronica0351
Oct 25, 2009TTCinTampaUpdate: It's a boy!...402694
Oct 24, 2009mobleyj0495
Oct 24, 2009EllenE1537
Oct 24, 2009Light25th Month TTC :-(...2797
Oct 23, 2009TolleykatzThis is my first chart after IUD removal and first menstral...2571
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