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Nov 9, 2009parksjeTTC 1 year...3945
Nov 9, 2009DaynaBFN. Waiting for AF....261410
Nov 8, 2009cherryjoOther chart pinpointed ovulation, looks like I missed it thi...171016
Nov 7, 2009PreBabyPlannerOn to cycle 4...Maybe i will use OPK's this time. Still sear...18966
Nov 6, 2009almarkos0429
Nov 5, 2009LCKCould it be an implantation dip @ 5DPO?...3891
Nov 4, 2009DTCFirst time posting my chart.......3612
Nov 3, 2009boyslie3865690
Nov 3, 2009HopfulllittleTESo Af showed her face again.....I am so sad I waas really ho...493249
Nov 3, 2009Clareccc75Hooray! AF - started the clomid now so fingers crossed this...361241
Nov 1, 2009curiousGLets see what this cycle brings :)...421635
Oct 31, 2009Rungrl80TTC 1 yr. HSG this month and tubes are clear. Possible male...10794
Oct 30, 200941yearsold0477
Oct 30, 2009ahannaThis is only my 2nd month charting but looks as if I have no...122064
Oct 29, 2009mamacass2942
Oct 29, 2009readyformoreAdd me to the club ...BFP today!!!! YAY!...645012
Oct 29, 2009EssentialSoul19868
Oct 29, 2009BabyprayersMonth 2 of acu and herbs. Started post mensus herbs day 4....21126
Oct 28, 2009NikAnnBFN! I'm done unless I can get some answers. I can't stand t...211381
Oct 28, 2009ElbyKoh0445
Oct 26, 2009wantingagirl13691
Oct 26, 2009Ronica0444
Oct 25, 2009TTCinTampaUpdate: It's a boy!...402819
Oct 24, 2009EllenE1644
Oct 24, 2009mobleyj0582
Oct 24, 2009Light25th Month TTC :-(...2873
Oct 23, 2009TolleykatzThis is my first chart after IUD removal and first menstral...2634
Oct 22, 2009browneyezdidn't have a period in November and not preg. tomorrow is a...10900
Oct 22, 20093rdtimemommyFirst month charting, off the pill since feb 1 09...0676
Oct 21, 2009kaylah18Last cycle on BC pill. First time charting....0762
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