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Oct 19, 2009SOSO0318
Oct 17, 2009babybashWe just found out that we are expecting twins!!!...262910
Oct 16, 2009MzluvlyFinished clomid 2 weeks ago hopefully it worked this time ke...14724
Oct 16, 2009Jennybell03Any interpretation and/or comments would be greatly apprecia...4915
Oct 14, 2009Treen118For Once, I don't like being on top. 3rd Chart....7916
Oct 14, 2009tashan0491
Oct 14, 2009svlasek2675
Oct 13, 2009CaliGirlFirst chart after a d&c at 8 weeks....231494
Oct 12, 2009TandC4ever3894
Oct 12, 2009AmandaLI haven't taken a pregnancy test yet but my cycle is usually...0585
Oct 12, 2009cherryjoAny advice or interpretation appreciated!...17833
Oct 9, 2009Clareccc754731
Oct 8, 2009PreBabyPlannerI'm Back...and taking advantage of the next two free months!...11694
Oct 7, 2009almarkos0397
Oct 6, 2009Want2BeMommy0851
Oct 6, 2009TiajeanNew free trial...0576
Oct 6, 2009DaynaFirst time temping.I got sick with the flu which affected my...0588
Oct 6, 2009mamasibs1657
Oct 5, 2009Rungrl80SA is in and it's not great. On to the dye test for me. No f...5650
Oct 3, 2009parksjeTTC 1 year with no luck...0581
Oct 2, 2009HopfulllittleTEis hoping eventually we will get preggers!...202425
Oct 1, 2009readyformore1 week wait and counting...11-12 day LP... (6th month ttc/2n...181414
Oct 1, 2009Babyprayersfirst full month of acu/herbs/chiro/fitness/diet starting to...1949
Sep 30, 2009curiousG2WW almost over!...321507
Sep 28, 2009TTCinTampaStarted spotting today :(...211170
Sep 28, 2009jenny25ukfirst cycle after miscarriage and d&c i have no idea whats g...12862
Sep 24, 2009NikAnnFinished the YAZ Pack Active Pills on 10/21 - should have AF...121195
Sep 23, 2009Light24th Month TTC - what more can I say, you know the story!...6749
Sep 21, 2009LAHDZ86update for those who asked a couple of days ago ! :-)...282160
Sep 20, 2009rogykitten0478
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