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Oct 29, 2009BabyprayersMonth 2 of acu and herbs. Started post mensus herbs day 4....21357
Oct 29, 2009mamacass21329
Oct 28, 2009ElbyKoh0634
Oct 28, 2009NikAnnBFN! I'm done unless I can get some answers. I can't stand t...211630
Oct 26, 2009Ronica0760
Oct 26, 2009wantingagirl13898
Oct 25, 2009TTCinTampaUpdate: It's a boy!...403191
Oct 24, 2009Light25th Month TTC :-(...21067
Oct 24, 2009EllenE11104
Oct 24, 2009mobleyj0912
Oct 23, 2009TolleykatzThis is my first chart after IUD removal and first menstral...2842
Oct 22, 20093rdtimemommyFirst month charting, off the pill since feb 1 09...0882
Oct 22, 2009browneyezdidn't have a period in November and not preg. tomorrow is a...101131
Oct 21, 2009JR280969
Oct 21, 2009kaylah18Last cycle on BC pill. First time charting....0950
Oct 21, 2009shefali01380
Oct 19, 2009SOSO0539
Oct 17, 2009babybashWe just found out that we are expecting twins!!!...263280
Oct 16, 2009MzluvlyFinished clomid 2 weeks ago hopefully it worked this time ke...14940
Oct 16, 2009Jennybell03Any interpretation and/or comments would be greatly apprecia...41274
Oct 14, 2009svlasek2893
Oct 14, 2009Treen118For Once, I don't like being on top. 3rd Chart....71302
Oct 14, 2009tashan0853
Oct 13, 2009CaliGirlFirst chart after a d&c at 8 weeks....231878
Oct 12, 2009AmandaLI haven't taken a pregnancy test yet but my cycle is usually...0944
Oct 12, 2009TandC4ever31253
Oct 12, 2009cherryjoAny advice or interpretation appreciated!...171079
Oct 9, 2009Clareccc754946
Oct 8, 2009PreBabyPlannerI'm Back...and taking advantage of the next two free months!...11918
Oct 7, 2009almarkos0614
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