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Apr 15, 2009DamitaHelp? i just started spotting and i don't know what that mea...111061
Apr 14, 2009CaperChickStill charting to find ovulation time....21138
Apr 13, 2009steph910Happy Mother's day to all you moms and soon-to-be mommies....151333
Apr 11, 2009EriksAJ211029
Apr 11, 2009MISSYHUGHESNO IDEA?...01022
Apr 10, 2009SpiritWolf01308
Apr 10, 2009BadgerNot such a bad cycle starting out. Cramps aren't really all...131181
Apr 10, 2009Light18th month TTC. Cycles getting shorter as O date becomes ear...111187
Apr 9, 2009TiajeanDH had a complete rupture of his Quad tendon on March 19th,...0904
Apr 9, 2009geyaWell I'm back on top we are going to try naturally again thi...121174
Apr 9, 2009CaliGirl0800
Apr 9, 2009nickmiscarried may 19. :(...271475
Apr 8, 2009418Any thoughts?... This one is eerily similar to last month......51009
Apr 7, 2009dleousis76I got my BFP May 4, 2009!!!!!...232242
Apr 6, 2009hawaiibabeTTC since Nov 2007.2 kids from previous marriage.My husband...3890
Apr 6, 2009ono66601136
Apr 5, 2009NajoSo discouraged and disappointed...AGAIN!...131286
Apr 3, 2009MrsBebFirst chart ever!!...0710
Apr 2, 2009DianabNew and looking for help/advise =) UPDATE:OMG I'm Pregnant!!...181981
Apr 1, 2009ChrissyHOLY COW! I'm PREGNANT!!!!! 3 tests and counting!!! =D =D =D...162349
Mar 30, 2009SelmaWOW that last cycle was quite the ride! Here is to hoping I...261791
Mar 30, 2009Clareccc75Another weird short/long cycle......151149
Mar 29, 2009curiousG2WW...anxious...211277
Mar 28, 2009gersuz7879Superlight period. I think it really is just a withdraw blee...101118
Mar 27, 2009svlasekTemp drop again, it's official, AF is due to visit probably...241457
Mar 27, 2009Babyprayers0719
Mar 24, 2009FawkesPREGNANT!!! Finally! 9 cycles, 10 months of TTC and finally...773324
Mar 24, 2009azureblue29Taking a break from charting!...41338
Mar 22, 2009MrsSullI'm Back... and not really happy about it!...121221
Mar 21, 2009MicheleltMarch-April...51338
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