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Sep 3, 2008gracelandgirlI think I am a slow riser...191133
Sep 2, 2008PCOSCysticFibrosisOk, so last cycle was a little weird. I'm not temping, but a...151242
Sep 2, 2008babyache0584
Sep 1, 2008BabyprayersTFS said to continue herbs if I can handle the pain from the...0553
Aug 31, 2008TinkerYesterday BFN and today temp drop, the future is looking ble...8762
Aug 29, 2008sheemtWeird month,CD 19 and no ovulation took Clomid 100mg for day...81532
Aug 29, 2008Light10th month TTC still only 9 DPO's. Have decided to stop taki...411491
Aug 27, 2008prayers0813816
Aug 27, 2008FawkesWhen I wiped there was blood so now I'm just waiting for it...631850
Aug 26, 2008TTC0691
Aug 26, 2008azureblue290653
Aug 26, 2008TOn 7-Time to call in the big guns!...681727
Aug 26, 2008SandiT0608
Aug 25, 2008KaleizaWe have been ttc since Feb. 2008. I will be starting Clomid...0722
Aug 24, 2008babysiegel0468
Aug 22, 2008ThiaLate O & I am in it to WIN IT!...1492636
Aug 20, 2008KellyR19781
Aug 20, 2008BadgerHere we go again......741622
Aug 20, 2008LScottHere we go again...AF showed up early this morning....421317
Aug 19, 2008mommy2bGood news: no blockages, I am ovulating & my reserve is good...19876
Aug 19, 2008ThinkGirlNot TTC this month...851763
Aug 19, 2008LizasFinally! I go on my first appointment Oct. 3rd! For 12 weeks...72076
Aug 15, 2008NikAnnWe were on vacation in the Virginia mountains when AF decide...231346
Aug 15, 2008MoChart is crazy....561790
Aug 15, 2008SelmaStarted on Macca root today and DH started last week. hopefu...181078
Aug 14, 2008Babyprayersstarted Fertile Soul herbs, had bad reaction, new cyst forme...0523
Aug 13, 2008desperate8846
Aug 12, 2008XONORA5OK...here is new chart and hoping maybe the last. AF came a...531351
Aug 12, 2008haigus2nd round of clomid....hopefully this time it works!...5819
Aug 11, 2008jinxHere we go again, 5th chart! Hopefully 5 will be the lucky n...241245
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