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Jul 1, 2008ThinkGirlflat temps...1142159
Jul 1, 2008LScott0304
Jul 1, 2008BadgerAlmost 39yo-1 child at 19yo. DH 42yo with 3 of own children....16703
Jun 30, 2008Jen31This only has basic info, no temps yet. Does have times when...0159
Jun 29, 2008SandiT0209
Jun 27, 2008hopingBFP!!!!...2005698
Jun 26, 2008LizasAlways have had spotting prior to period starting. I suspect...0170
Jun 25, 2008TLook at this spike! Does it mean anything?...541278
Jun 25, 2008FawkesLooks like AF is on her way :(...411340
Jun 24, 2008NissaLouI am going back on BCP.. will keep a chart to keep in contac...7622
Jun 24, 2008sheemt1 yr TTC, 4 rounds of Clomid and just started on Glucophage...2333
Jun 23, 2008wkmommyDoes this website show when you ovulate? Can anyone help? I...8474
Jun 22, 2008mommy2bShould see AF any minute now....15607
Jun 22, 2008MoStarting Maca Root, alfalfa, and Evening Primrose....23832
Jun 22, 2008ThiaOkay so I Oed! Yeah! & now we wait......491312
Jun 21, 2008mic243rd month of clomid... not optimistic this month. I don't th...7638
Jun 20, 2008geeStarted spotting last night. Today more than last night. AF...751522
Jun 19, 2008gersuz78791st month charting, just started with temp. ovulated last cy...6408
Jun 18, 2008Babyprayerswent to The Fertile Soul retreat with Randine Lewis...088
Jun 17, 2008prayers088368
Jun 16, 2008MorleyFinally success!...182380
Jun 15, 2008amyalice0208
Jun 15, 2008XONORA5Must have "O'ed" late, and didn't like not knowing when AF w...521286
Jun 14, 2008Yadi1AF arrived:( Good luck to all you girls this month....511439
Jun 13, 2008MaddiesMommyWhat do you all think? My temp has stayed up... am I prego?...6436
Jun 13, 2008jinxRound one of Clomid didn't take. Thought AF showed, but I on...15567
Jun 12, 2008TTC271071
Jun 12, 2008NikAnnHad to change my CD....20816
Jun 9, 2008LScott0219
Jun 9, 2008HeddyGirl7322
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