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Jul 18, 2008maui623i just took my temp today and to my surprise it dropped huge...51612
Jul 16, 2008Babyprayerslast month of acu with Judy...0624
Jul 15, 2008wkmommyPeriod started unexpectedly...41194
Jul 13, 2008amyalice0739
Jul 13, 2008maika0651
Jul 12, 2008CindylujahDidn't work so on to next month (Clomid and IUI)...181413
Jul 12, 2008NikAnnLast month was a weird month... hopefully this month is noth...151479
Jul 11, 2008jinxI don't know if I mentioned in previous charts but DH and I...231149
Jul 11, 2008XONORA5Little late, but here was my almost positive month. AF messe...0879
Jul 10, 2008babyache0685
Jul 8, 2008SelmaI am so confused... what the heck is my body doing... I am l...241572
Jul 6, 2008PCOSCysticFibrosisWell, I had to take my hormones to start this time, so let's...7898
Jul 6, 2008Light8th month TTC. With the help of B6 now have 9 DPO's so hopef...291546
Jul 6, 2008SchatziI am excited for this month. I am charting from the beginnin...571715
Jul 6, 2008TTC0872
Jul 3, 2008EriksAJDh out of town a lot this month...taking it easy....181299
Jul 1, 2008ThinkGirlflat temps...1142621
Jul 1, 2008BadgerAlmost 39yo-1 child at 19yo. DH 42yo with 3 of own children....161211
Jul 1, 2008LScott0756
Jun 30, 2008Jen31This only has basic info, no temps yet. Does have times when...0556
Jun 29, 2008SandiT0765
Jun 27, 2008hopingBFP!!!!...2006313
Jun 26, 2008LizasAlways have had spotting prior to period starting. I suspect...0626
Jun 25, 2008FawkesLooks like AF is on her way :(...411921
Jun 25, 2008TLook at this spike! Does it mean anything?...541691
Jun 24, 2008NissaLouI am going back on BCP.. will keep a chart to keep in contac...71343
Jun 24, 2008sheemt1 yr TTC, 4 rounds of Clomid and just started on Glucophage...2764
Jun 23, 2008wkmommyDoes this website show when you ovulate? Can anyone help? I...8870
Jun 22, 2008mommy2bShould see AF any minute now....151064
Jun 22, 2008MoStarting Maca Root, alfalfa, and Evening Primrose....231265
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