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Jun 22, 2008MoStarting Maca Root, alfalfa, and Evening Primrose....231133
Jun 21, 2008mic243rd month of clomid... not optimistic this month. I don't th...7956
Jun 20, 2008geeStarted spotting last night. Today more than last night. AF...752071
Jun 19, 2008gersuz78791st month charting, just started with temp. ovulated last cy...6814
Jun 18, 2008Babyprayerswent to The Fertile Soul retreat with Randine Lewis...0532
Jun 17, 2008prayers088695
Jun 16, 2008MorleyFinally success!...182970
Jun 15, 2008XONORA5Must have "O'ed" late, and didn't like not knowing when AF w...521680
Jun 15, 2008amyalice0601
Jun 14, 2008Yadi1AF arrived:( Good luck to all you girls this month....511845
Jun 13, 2008MaddiesMommyWhat do you all think? My temp has stayed up... am I prego?...6931
Jun 13, 2008jinxRound one of Clomid didn't take. Thought AF showed, but I on...15892
Jun 12, 2008NikAnnHad to change my CD....201212
Jun 12, 2008TTC271490
Jun 9, 2008HeddyGirl7801
Jun 9, 2008LScott0558
Jun 8, 2008CindylujahTrying to relax before starting clomid in July. If DH is out...111045
Jun 7, 2008tagno o for me so back to the start of just waiting...231325
Jun 7, 2008ThinkGirlI will not doubt what God can do....1012108
Jun 7, 2008LilineWhatever happen, to God be the glory....312462
Jun 7, 2008Selmawell I started to Bleed heavy at 4 and it looks like this on...221475
Jun 5, 2008Badgeralmost 39yo 1 child when 19yo. DH 42yo-3 children from previ...0776
Jun 4, 2008babatteWhen did I Ovulate?...4823
Jun 3, 2008JennyWstarting clomid challenge this cycle and praying this is our...181242
Jun 3, 2008Light7th month TTC. Doctors are wrong about not charting, it's mo...51099
Jun 3, 2008tkcWell, here we go again. God promised me another daughter, an...291331
Jun 3, 2008EriksAJOne wacky month. Arrgghhh!...261345
Jun 1, 2008NurseJenny79Got pregnant first month on Clomid but miscarried at 10 week...22846
May 31, 2008redsparklerWell, I guess I am getting used to AF showing up... This mon...71040
May 31, 2008Enniscorthygirl151471
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