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Apr 17, 2008mic24AF came today :( day 17 PO.... on to round 2. I started Clo...31979
Apr 16, 2008JNP1304
Apr 15, 2008Jodiva71TTC Round #3 - AI with known sperm donor; using acupuncture;...91067
Apr 15, 2008CaperChickSecond month charting....0331
Apr 14, 2008countrygrl2270
Apr 14, 2008BabyprayersIVF failed - told not to chart this month...0143
Apr 13, 2008CheeseladyStopped taking Microgynon on 8th March, 12th May BFP - it ca...131027
Apr 13, 2008amyalice0225
Apr 12, 2008sammieWell this month my temps have been on a high since cd1 till...8445
Apr 12, 2008sonia1970017
Apr 11, 2008JennyWHere we go again! I'm trying to stay positive, but it is get...371345
Apr 11, 2008ThiaTemperature drop = BFN! Well at least in my case....133223
Apr 10, 2008YolandaThis is my 1st month with BBT. Can someone take a look my te...7545
Apr 9, 2008tagwhat do you ladys think.......15965
Apr 9, 2008kayleeClomid 100mg cd 3-7. Progesterone levels were 1.2 at cd 21,...181695
Apr 8, 2008cherrylipsTake a look...2381
Apr 8, 2008mzeman110388
Apr 7, 2008Light5th Month TTC, awaiting blood tests & results to check for o...411853
Apr 6, 2008babymorenoBFP!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for hubs to get home!!!...34929
Apr 5, 2008EriksAJFirst timer here!...6597
Apr 5, 2008redsparklerNearing the end of the dreaded TWW! I hope this is the month...25923
Apr 5, 2008Lizas0226
Apr 4, 2008RayshineDarn. AF arrived :(...28772
Apr 3, 2008jennywhiston8428
Apr 1, 2008Najo0277
Apr 1, 2008Selmadoes anyone know when i might have ovulated? mine doesn't lo...3542
Apr 1, 2008LauraTTCcycle #5 - First round of clomid...152746
Apr 1, 2008NurseJenny790215
Mar 31, 2008FUFFUF...28860
Mar 31, 2008lilchikBFP!!!!!!...221732
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