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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Posts Views
Feb 17, 2008BevAnother BFN...61085
Feb 17, 2008DesperatelyTTC0660
Feb 17, 2008sammie0318
Feb 16, 2008JennyW3686
Feb 15, 2008JessicaMaria0368
Feb 14, 2008cherrylipsTime of my life...0317
Feb 13, 2008redsparkler0348
Feb 13, 2008Lizas0227
Feb 13, 2008amyalice0329
Feb 10, 2008incognitiaillness CD 21 to CD 23...0602
Feb 6, 2008jennh1st cycle tracking...0624
Feb 4, 2008PrncessWas sick from CD12-CD19...2458
Feb 3, 2008Babyprayerscyst still at 2cm...0237
Feb 2, 2008laurie0350
Feb 1, 2008jinxfirst month of charting........0388
Feb 1, 2008BabyDoll0305
Feb 1, 2008Thia0522
Jan 31, 2008Light3rd Month TTC...0751
Jan 29, 2008Wifey060352
Jan 27, 2008COWAlmpost positive this was the month though I'm not sure what...41285
Jan 26, 2008NurseJenny790314
Jan 24, 2008sheemt0504
Jan 23, 2008XONORA5Think I did O on CD20, and hoping less for next month...give...0479
Jan 22, 2008NissaLou0304
Jan 19, 2008BevAnother BFN always so disappointing!! Temps shot up cd7-cd8...01200
Jan 19, 2008JessicaMaria0361
Jan 16, 2008lyn10030281
Jan 13, 2008DesperatelyTTC0526
Jan 13, 2008amyalice0332
Jan 13, 2008WaitingInLine0318
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