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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Posts Views
Oct 1, 2007WaitingInLine0375
Sep 27, 2007LauraTTCchart 1...01239
Sep 22, 2007Babyprayersstarted acu...0426
Sep 14, 2007amyalice0352
Aug 27, 2007JessicaMaria0553
Aug 22, 2007Babyprayers0296
Aug 18, 2007amyalice0344
Aug 17, 2007BevBFP DPO 9 really bad cramp on right pelvic area that lasted...42177
Aug 9, 2007majestyjohnson1stmonthcharting...0405
Jul 25, 2007LAHDZ860531
Jul 23, 2007Babyprayers0341
Jul 21, 2007amyalice0364
Jul 1, 2007Babyprayers0307
Jun 23, 2007amyalice0329
Jun 22, 2007NurseJenny79Not temping for a few months...0585
Jun 8, 2007Heaven0689
Jun 8, 2007Babyprayersvery sick after miscarriage, did not feel well at all...0280
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