Contraception: Birth Control Pill Options Q and A

  • What is the Progestin Only Minipill and why would I use it? Answer >>

  • What are combined oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) Answer >>

  • What are the non-contraceptive benefits of the pill (OCPs)? Answer >>

  • What side effects of the pill might I expect? Who should not take the pill? Answer >>

  • Are there new birth control pills out there? Answer >>

  • Is the pill free week necessary? Answer >>

  • What is Seasonale? Answer >>

  • What is the difference between Seasonale and the even newer Seasonique? Answer >>

  • What is different about Yasmin from other OCPs? Answer >>

  • Who Shouldn't take Yasmin? Answer >>

  • How is Yasmin different from Yaz Answer >>

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