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Oct 30, 2013flwpwr10386
Oct 29, 2013praying4twins3470
Oct 29, 2013Prayerwarriordid not bd as much as i shud have, so many fights btwn us...1806
Oct 28, 2013asma3th Cycle:Trying for our second kid....0539
Oct 28, 2013soready1This month is weird.. very long month and still no af... Nev...3701
Oct 28, 2013Gianyconst0315
Oct 27, 2013Surfete78Cycle 15 1st Round of Clomid...441168
Oct 27, 2013Neary2nd. month trying!...0545
Oct 21, 2013Candicegaud0481
Oct 18, 2013LogicalMamaBearDid I ovulate? First day temp spiked I thought I had, but th...9727
Oct 16, 2013londonmummy29, just starting to temp, TTCAL...1624
Oct 16, 2013Jeny13#6 cycle ttc...181007
Oct 16, 2013KNAsurro3rd month of charting in preparation for working with surrog...11064
Oct 13, 2013TikiAnother non charting cycle. Au natural....0710
Oct 12, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 13. Bringing back OPKs and cutting out caffeine....311175
Oct 12, 2013BlakeleyTtc since May, 2nd month charting. Had pinkish discolouratio...4609
Oct 10, 2013mommiesomeday36 mos TTC, 3 IUI's, 2 miscarriages and now we have to take...4801
Oct 10, 2013KYC8429what's with the spotting for so many days......3646
Oct 10, 2013letsmakeababy47 Months TTC...Ready to begin IVF #3 after IVF #2 miscarria...22770
Oct 9, 2013KRTStarted Temping too late...0413
Oct 6, 2013jazzymomaLadies what do think is going on? Could this be the one?...0457
Sep 30, 2013Surfete781 YEAR MARK...661489
Sep 30, 2013asma2th Cycle:Trying for our second kid....2635
Sep 29, 2013ILHopeI am out, but I am sharing so I can easily see my trends goi...0478
Sep 28, 2013Gianyconst0257
Sep 23, 2013soready1Hoping this month is the one :)...231205
Sep 23, 2013Neary1st. month trying after miscarriage!...0335
Sep 22, 2013Candicegaud0424
Sep 21, 2013praying4twinsAgain no temping, checking or pills... All Natural #2 cycle....4652
Sep 21, 2013Prayerwarrior0475
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