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Dec 25, 2013Surfete78Clomid cycle #2...441806
Dec 24, 2013asma5th Cycle:Finding ovulation day, trying for our second kid.....21278
Dec 24, 2013letsmakeababyMonth 49 TTC! FET will be in February-Can't Wait! Next Appt-...51066
Dec 22, 2013LinabugCan someone assist me in reading my chart? I have been getti...31288
Dec 19, 2013simmi01358
Dec 17, 2013Jeny13#8 cycle ttc...01106
Dec 12, 2013PrayingHopingOn progesterone. Cycle 15 (1 year, 3 months) - praying for o...331706
Dec 12, 2013Dre41Just my first real complete chart, Dont know if its done rig...01149
Dec 11, 2013crumpet01037
Dec 11, 2013Blakeley8th month trying. 4th charting....91264
Dec 8, 2013KRTClomid Cycle days 5-9...01130
Dec 7, 2013soready16 months... Christmas and husbands birthday.. should be a mo...31154
Dec 7, 2013Gianyconst0792
Dec 5, 2013QueenJlionFirst time charting I hope I can get the hang of this... Bab...01414
Dec 4, 2013Momof3boysttcagirlFirst timer here for bbt tracking. How do you get the blue l...61266
Dec 2, 2013praying4twinsI dont want to conceive this month or in January... I think...21062
Nov 26, 2013asma4th Cycle:Trying for our second kid.......01073
Nov 26, 2013Surfete78CYCLE 16 :/...562011
Nov 24, 2013Candicegaud01254
Nov 16, 2013firsttryFirst time charting...31215
Nov 14, 2013letsmakeababyMonth 48 (Officially 4 Years) TTC! FX we'll get to do our FE...151166
Nov 14, 2013crumpetAm I out this month due af in 3 days...21033
Nov 14, 2013CantfindmySonStill learning how to do this, just signed up today. Tips we...11227
Nov 12, 2013Blakeley7 th month ttc. Hopefully 7 is still a lucky number. 3rd mon...81407
Nov 11, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 14. on progesterone supplements starting at Peak +4. ....381687
Nov 8, 2013KRTNO BD on Ovulation day and day before :(...51119
Nov 6, 2013AndreaLynnReally going to try this month. Fertility monitor, maybe try...31089
Nov 5, 2013KYC8429I have a dream......01423
Nov 3, 2013jazzymoma41682
Nov 1, 2013flwpwr1WHAT DO YOU THINK?...31492
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