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Aug 2, 2013ILHopeIf at first you don't succeed, try, try again. However, my h...3809
Jul 31, 2013hope4life80First Chart Attempt...4788
Jul 26, 2013KYC8429First time recording BBT. Long haul flight (20hrs) on the...2633
Jul 26, 2013deepsany one has any idea looking at this chart. am ttc 4 months,...4642
Jul 25, 2013Prayerwarriorfemara and Ovitrelle triger shot...0564
Jul 25, 2013praying4twinsWasted my money on femara, ovitrelle and lots of pregnancy t...281069
Jul 24, 2013Candicegaud0651
Jul 22, 2013Jeny13#3 cycle ttc - no BBT...0598
Jul 20, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 10 Attempt - HSG Cycle - BFN again....331139
Jul 19, 2013mommiesomedayJust putting my chart out here but we are taking a break fro...4793
Jul 19, 2013letsmakeababyIVF Cycle #2, 44 Mnths TTC!...10720
Jul 15, 2013Jen17020461
Jul 13, 2013MissMama1201052
Jul 10, 2013JuPuFirst cycle on Vitex...0611
Jul 9, 2013ttcmyownFirst time charting bbt...7583
Jul 9, 2013Surfete78God will bless me :)...391126
Jul 7, 2013cmbohne1AF 3 days late, more than 24 dpo of temps staying up.Have no...19902
Jul 7, 2013TikiB-Complex with folic acid, Magnesium, calcium and Vitamin E....1877
Jul 4, 2013ILHopeStarting the TTC journey for what will probably be my last t...0728
Jul 3, 2013celcelNot sure when I ovulated.......HELP...1715
Jul 2, 2013eehshorty4768
Jul 1, 2013Karisma853Diagnosed Hashimoto's on 31-May-13, currently on L-Thyroxine...1873
Jun 28, 2013rj711new to charting. Was O cd11 or cd20? Confused about temps on...3768
Jun 28, 2013JersseyConfused when ovulation occurred...2741
Jun 26, 2013Jeny13#2 cycle ttc - no BBT...0573
Jun 26, 2013Candicegaud0806
Jun 21, 2013PrayingHopingCycle 9 - Still looking for my BFP... FF says I o-ed on d...241369
Jun 13, 2013Jen17020476
Jun 12, 2013lovelikethis7212775
Jun 12, 2013arlene7965
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