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May 20, 2012mommiesomedayJust charting the next couple of months while the DH is at t...111364
May 17, 2012MrsCompassIUI #2 (Letrozole 2.5mg x 10 days)...81857
May 17, 2012puttertatI now have three little angles in heaven....181645
May 16, 2012ImagineLuckily fertile period was well timed for our week in the su...41582
May 14, 2012letsmakeababyIUI #2 on hold for now-Dr found 4 left over cysts from last...191522
May 10, 2012MollyBell2nd month charting, will be initially avoiding pregnancy onc...81369
May 8, 2012ReadyforaSecondNew to this !...9941
May 5, 2012DeeDeeXxX0661
May 4, 2012mommiesomedaySo, I had to adjust my start date and already got a +OPK!!!...311607
May 1, 2012WantBabiesTaking a Break from Clomid after 2 cycles. Praying to GOD th...431828
Apr 29, 2012PennyBananaForced to do natural cycle since injectables are back ordere...401720
Apr 24, 2012reevestx2Starting to feel myself give up........But it's worth one la...343163
Apr 24, 2012Hopeful10Clomid 3-7, PCOS, Help!...211494
Apr 23, 2012Naumo41560
Apr 21, 2012AnneMarieOk, this is the month.... I can feel it! Now to just get thr...221866
Apr 20, 2012letsmakeababyI'll start Clomid this cycle (100mg,CD 3-7) then Injectables...681936
Apr 19, 2012jennylee~At 15 weeks & 4 days on *August 6th* we found out were bein...1994987
Apr 19, 2012mamabear04BFP!!...42145
Apr 16, 2012Ready2BMomBaby Boy! Born 1/16/13 :)...562979
Apr 16, 2012ssbd4meStarted prometrium 5/22...01067
Apr 16, 2012AnxiouslyTTC51246
Apr 15, 2012ImagineHere we go again! Been very stressful though with a family b...121283
Apr 15, 2012mommiesomedayWell...here we go again...FX that April/May will be my cycle...551566
Apr 11, 2012R4chelIt's a GIRL!!!...1103982
Apr 6, 2012MollyBellFirst go at this...! Training for 1/2 marathon, and did 6 mi...231417
Apr 6, 2012islandbeauty0487
Apr 2, 2012DeeDeeXxX0731
Mar 29, 2012WantBabiesI need your advice I'm soo confused :( Hope this is the mont...421608
Mar 29, 2012wanttobemummyI am on day 89 of my cycle and still no period. I have been...131930
Mar 28, 2012PennyBananaAnother month of IUI and Clomid....481995
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