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Oct 25, 2011AlainaI can only hope for another peak!...122461
Oct 23, 2011jessabellina0912
Oct 22, 2011myladybugTWW I GUESS..............301689
Oct 22, 2011Ready2BMomReally bummed!...251686
Oct 19, 2011PennyBananaRound two of Clomid. Clomid extended my LP by 4 days. Very d...261626
Oct 15, 2011mommiesomedayOMG!!! Here I go again, seriously my cycles couldn't be anym...111371
Oct 15, 2011AnxiouslyTTC0605
Oct 12, 2011beansie123hoping this is my cycle! gonna try for a July baby! wierd-is...201251
Oct 12, 2011MrsCompassAF due today. Temp went up a tiny bit. The wait is not over....151268
Oct 10, 2011letsmakeababyMonth 23 TTC=BFP then Miscarriage :(...593745
Oct 3, 2011Amy31537BFN ready for a new cycle really given up for this month...131212
Oct 3, 2011stajames111274
Oct 1, 2011ConceptionKitCycle61031
Sep 30, 2011reevestx2Blood test came back Beta was 2. So why isn't my temp going...101035
Sep 30, 2011mommiesomedayWow, well here we go again. Didn't even O this last short cy...81220
Sep 28, 2011curiousOn to another cycle....171353
Sep 24, 2011wonderangePast the halfway mark! FX for everyone that this years bring...773100
Sep 22, 2011AlainaI'm praying for another spike!...31052
Sep 21, 2011myladybug341701
Sep 18, 2011Want2BeMommyWOOOHOOO BFP !!!!!...805252
Sep 16, 2011mommiesomedaywell finally heading home here in two days and hopefully can...21091
Sep 16, 2011Tryingfor2ndpost Miscarriage on 12/25/11....21132
Sep 15, 2011PennyBananaFirst month trying Clomid...here we go!...181481
Sep 12, 2011AnxiouslyTTC0635
Sep 11, 2011letsmakeababyCycle 22 & Big changes! We're moving! If everything goes smo...91450
Sep 10, 2011Ready2BMomDid O, but really short LP :(...171497
Sep 10, 2011beansie123At 35 years old with a bicornuate uterus, 1 chemical pregnan...131102
Sep 8, 2011ILHopeEverything is much better now!...1093557
Sep 7, 2011stajamesMy body is teasing me!! Slight rise in temp this morning....582305
Sep 6, 2011kmama4Next cycle ........31328
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