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Aug 6, 2011PennyBananaTaking the month off due to very late O expected. Starting C...101861
Aug 6, 2011Ready2BMomWe are giving up on this cycle...onto Provera again. :(...162364
Aug 6, 2011kmama4Going to try the shettles method for having a boy FX...81900
Aug 4, 2011curiousFirst time tracking BBT chart....41662
Aug 4, 2011JCC88TWW..COME ON BFP!...71890
Aug 3, 2011strugglingmum2bBFP finally. I got another line today so guess it is correct...314292
Aug 3, 2011Ambrose42416
Aug 1, 2011Jeannie51609
Jul 30, 2011AmandagrllNo more OPKS! Throwing caution to the wind! Let's see what h...141878
Jul 29, 2011denegCan anyone help?? My temps are weird. I think I have ovulate...12184
Jul 29, 2011KES22Month Number 3 Here we Go!...82799
Jul 29, 2011curiousG:( :(...682652
Jul 27, 2011ChrisD1975I have no idea what to think right now..... argh... :/...262678
Jul 26, 2011MzluvlyBFN!!!! Im so crushed!!! IUI didn't work this cycle after th...112716
Jul 20, 2011HopfulllittleTEI think this will be my last month... I cant do this anymore...252311
Jul 19, 2011AlainaShorter cycle than the last one; still BFN...01472
Jul 18, 2011Yadi1AF will be showing any day now......722775
Jul 17, 2011myladybugUgggg I think I'm out this month :(...242245
Jul 16, 2011stajamesCramping...AF should start today....121901
Jul 14, 2011Want2BeMommy91759
Jul 14, 2011letsmakeababyBFN again! Starting month 20 TTC! On a happier note I've los...172248
Jul 11, 2011SMU2000Fisrt cycle after miscarriage...not sure how to read my temp...52429
Jul 11, 2011katherinaK32 weeks pregnant, expecting a girl on April 16th. Everythin...1105564
Jul 9, 2011ILHopeAF has arrived, so I am now ready to start really trying aga...202024
Jul 8, 2011AmandagrllTrying to keep the faith but it is getting harder every day!...151771
Jul 8, 2011curious01361
Jul 8, 2011strugglingmum2bTrying hard to keep the faith but looks like AF is around th...91783
Jul 7, 2011kmama4Ahhhh im so confused! Still neg pregnancy test but no AF .....152180
Jul 6, 2011Ready2BMomBlood work done to confirm O and it came back confirmed! So...141965
Jul 5, 2011Jeannie221794
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