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Apr 8, 2010Damitatrying to get pg again after miscarriage, miscarriage haappe...4827
Apr 8, 2010Babyprayers2nd Full month of DIMM, DHEA, B, raw herbs, starting crampin...3777
Apr 6, 2010starsedenupdate 5/22 we miscarried two days in hospital with complete...151542
Apr 5, 2010AmmariChemical pregnancy...wish I never POAS otherwise I never wou...01345
Apr 3, 2010MissyDeeTrying again after a very long cycle!...6979
Apr 3, 2010ourlittleoneNYCMonth #1...11031
Apr 2, 2010Rungrl80On to the third cycle of Clomid. Hoping for IUI this month....6859
Apr 2, 2010MC987Cycle #8, starting fertility workup this month, using EPO, B...91043
Mar 31, 2010Jen17021st month charting temps and fertile signs...0623
Mar 31, 2010destined0435
Mar 30, 2010st260445
Mar 29, 2010kaylah184th cycle off BC pill....21147
Mar 29, 2010deppypung1497
Mar 28, 2010SnowLover0444
Mar 21, 2010ShawncieGirlThis chart is my current cycle. AF was due today, CD 31, but...2637
Mar 19, 2010Tiajean0438
Mar 18, 20103rdtimemommyanother bfp! first month after MC...263108
Mar 17, 2010ssbd4meI'm starting primrose oil and a diet plan this cycle along w...41065
Mar 15, 2010KatieVNext month I will be starting clomid, and we will be doing a...9963
Mar 13, 2010BabyprayersStarted DIMM, DHEA, and raw herbs this month but no progeste...1525
Mar 13, 2010MrsCTTCHere I go again.......81204
Mar 12, 2010kmackie19812nd month TTC...132713
Mar 11, 2010curiousGOn Top Again...131079
Mar 9, 2010iteachkFirst month off pill...3566
Mar 8, 2010MC987Cycle #7, hope I get a BFP soon. This month using Clearblue...6987
Mar 7, 2010ASUnifferNeed more information! Not sure what the vertical green line...0524
Mar 2, 2010Rungrl80On to month 2 of Clomid. Here we go again....61005
Mar 2, 2010st260445
Mar 1, 2010FunintheSunLast month on clomid before next step, FSH shots...5630
Mar 1, 2010deppypung0358
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