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Dec 10, 2009PreBabyPlannerCycle 5 ttc....getting frustrated and ready to kick BD'ing t...6808
Dec 9, 2009DaynaBegan taking Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil this month an...301197
Dec 9, 2009EssentialSoul5637
Dec 7, 2009HopfulllittleTEnew cycle Af came and had my tubes flushed and back on clomi...121387
Dec 7, 2009MisD762419
Dec 4, 2009KatieVSpotting right now...not enough to call it a period yet. I a...4667
Dec 4, 2009browneyezlets see what this month brings!...531642
Dec 4, 2009almarkosHow do I determine ovulation...the temp increase or cervical...3602
Dec 3, 2009LCKHoping month 8 is the one!...4791
Dec 2, 2009NikAnnCan't afford IVF until the Spring... Going to continue IUI J...5857
Dec 2, 2009DTCI started using natural progesterone cream last month days 1...2494
Nov 28, 2009Clareccc75oh no! Another cycle! The clomid didn't work this month...11994
Nov 27, 2009Babyprayersbegan taking metformin and continued regular herbs - started...1714
Nov 26, 2009mereiCan someone give me some tips please? TTC #2....5684
Nov 24, 2009Rungrl80On to another month... Last week was a rough one for me....3806
Nov 24, 2009MrsFeinTTC0304
Nov 23, 2009wantingagirl3505
Nov 21, 2009TolleykatzMy temps are all over the place! Help!...6736
Nov 21, 2009ElbyKohCan someone give me some advice? Do we think I O'd on CD 12...0631
Nov 20, 2009Light26th month TTC...3799
Nov 20, 2009CluckyHoping for a BFP this month ... Fingers Crossed!...14827
Nov 19, 2009MzluvlyStarting over this month..... Taking clomid starting today 3...19973
Nov 18, 2009kaylah181st cycle off BC pill....251160
Nov 18, 20093rdtimemommysecond month actively TTC. Opinions and suggestions are welc...91552
Nov 18, 2009sb186TTC over 40 :)...71486
Nov 17, 2009EMSWhy am I not ovulating??...2728
Nov 15, 2009jenny25uk19dpo no af yet and weird temps...81848
Nov 14, 2009SOSO0283
Nov 13, 2009amy220911
Nov 13, 2009svlasek2607
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