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Jul 29, 2009Yadi1Temp dip on 9 DPO and spotting 10 DPO....621915
Jul 29, 2009Light22nd Month TTC. Severe adhesions & endo effecting bowel. Wil...1892
Jul 27, 2009Trishee4659
Jul 26, 2009Rungrl80Cycle 10 I think. I'm losing count =( Because of stress, I...5943
Jul 25, 2009PigletOff we go again.......4967
Jul 23, 2009AjsmommyIt's a GIRL!!!...853468
Jul 22, 2009HopfulllittleTEIm in for another long cycle...woohoo...not really but whate...236897
Jul 21, 2009Treen11814 DPO, temp dropped quite significantly again....481473
Jul 20, 2009lkk72Post Mirena, 3rd month TTC...231245
Jul 20, 2009ttcbaby1170532
Jul 20, 2009MrsBebOn to the next cycle......391451
Jul 19, 2009minaI have no idea what happened with this cycle!...181226
Jul 18, 2009Twinkles1816What day did I O?? hmmm not sure!...121109
Jul 17, 2009173170719773
Jul 17, 2009Tiffyk1980First cycle officially TTC!!!! So excited. Wish me luck and...6902
Jul 15, 2009wishingforbaby4744
Jul 13, 2009Babyprayers0561
Jul 13, 2009jaylingYAY for Ov Watch - I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!...262611
Jul 12, 2009NajoBFN. So sad....201102
Jul 12, 2009CaliGirlSo last month with a B50 and Prenat I O'd earlier, but the L...291402
Jul 11, 2009NikAnnLooks like AF will be here soon... preparing for Super Ovula...492047
Jul 11, 2009LoveDolphinCould someone please help???? I am 5 days late, have a 35CD....51195
Jul 10, 2009corcin0449
Jul 10, 2009vivyangel2i am praying to get bfp this month...151357
Jul 9, 2009svlasekWaiting for AF, 3 - hpt, 2 days late...471561
Jul 8, 2009cdahoping for better luck this time :)...1920
Jul 8, 2009Tohar0594
Jul 8, 2009gracelandgirlWoohoo AF...lol...11877
Jul 8, 2009TTCinTampaMy first chart! Wild guess on the O day, still don't really...2714
Jul 8, 2009KaleizaIt's a boy! Team blue for me. :)...473188
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