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Mar 6, 2009NajoBack from vacation and no idea when or if I O'ed but the BDi...151088
Mar 6, 20092BAMOMAvg cycle 27 days. TTC. New to charting....15904
Mar 5, 2009Miska0451
Mar 4, 2009JessicaMaria0623
Mar 3, 2009AngelEyes21Im pregnant BFP 4/1/09 "It's a Boy"...744112
Feb 28, 2009katietThis is my first month charting and this is all very new to...4926
Feb 28, 2009ChrissyThis is the first cycle that I am charting, so it's a little...9756
Feb 27, 2009nickStarting to get worried :(...161175
Feb 27, 2009Babyprayers0523
Feb 26, 2009azureblue29Back at the top :(...12695
Feb 25, 2009Mahoganyluv3922
Feb 23, 2009MrsSull26937
Feb 22, 2009SandiTUgghhh....is right!!...241080
Feb 22, 2009svlasek2ww hoping it goes by fast and ends with a BFP!...351551
Feb 21, 2009Light16th month TTC. Severe endo awaiting MRI and consultation wi...12904
Feb 20, 2009Nutsie2781
Feb 20, 2009fairefaerieThis is our first month TTC. I'm totally new to all this, so...6942
Feb 20, 2009michele6687Had illness (walking pneumonia) so 2 temps discarded....6736
Feb 19, 2009XONORA5Last chart since expired. BABY DUST my dear friends!...2643913
Feb 19, 2009BadgerUgh....371146
Feb 18, 2009gladbagHere we go again!!!...6723
Feb 18, 2009anhellaWOOT faint BFP on two different brands of tests! Here's hopi...403216
Feb 17, 2009dleousis76Here we go again. Starting Clomid this cycle. We'll see how...7746
Feb 15, 2009Thia2 BFN's I guess I am out. Waiting on AF...1052221
Feb 14, 2009Missy20Second month charting and on Clomid....1613
Feb 14, 2009EriksAJHeading to the infertility clinic this cycle to see if there...281002
Feb 12, 20094180596
Feb 10, 2009MaliaMUAH HA HA HA!! You would think this is April from the way t...441358
Feb 9, 2009babyache8th month of charting....201105
Feb 9, 2009ChrisD19750691
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