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Mar 7, 2009babyacheIs this ever going to happen for me?...42926
Mar 7, 2009ono6660153
Mar 6, 2009NajoBack from vacation and no idea when or if I O'ed but the BDi...15687
Mar 6, 20092BAMOMAvg cycle 27 days. TTC. New to charting....15354
Mar 5, 2009Miska0127
Mar 4, 2009JessicaMaria0248
Mar 3, 2009AngelEyes21Im pregnant BFP 4/1/09 "It's a Boy"...743498
Feb 28, 2009katietThis is my first month charting and this is all very new to...4384
Feb 28, 2009ChrissyThis is the first cycle that I am charting, so it's a little...9423
Feb 27, 2009Babyprayers0142
Feb 27, 2009nickStarting to get worried :(...16814
Feb 26, 2009azureblue29Back at the top :(...12387
Feb 25, 2009Mahoganyluv3496
Feb 23, 2009MrsSull26589
Feb 22, 2009svlasek2ww hoping it goes by fast and ends with a BFP!...351212
Feb 22, 2009SandiTUgghhh....is right!!...24727
Feb 21, 2009Light16th month TTC. Severe endo awaiting MRI and consultation wi...12556
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