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Nov 10, 2008NajoShe's coming...right on schedule!...18820
Nov 8, 2008BadgerI'm alive...47994
Nov 7, 2008MrsLiziGUPDATE: BFP!! (Didn't temp because on vacation; also, have a...402051
Nov 7, 2008ThiaLooks like I O'ed. Making Spirits Bright...1412825
Nov 6, 2008NutsieTrying for over 10 years... doctors say all tests were fine....0323
Nov 6, 2008SelmaHoping for a christmas BFP... I figure that would be new to...23814
Nov 5, 2008amyaliceThe dreaded 2WW!!...16772
Nov 2, 2008XONORA5No B-day miracle, and luteal went to 14DPO so going to see w...811587
Nov 2, 2008JogigharborI had my IUD removed on 10/23/08 after having it for 8 month...2258
Oct 31, 2008Babyprayers0201
Oct 30, 2008TinkerArghhhhh!!!!!!Blood test results progestrone fs and lh are a...16720
Oct 30, 2008FawkesHmmm what is with this temp dip??? I think it is too early f...681406
Oct 29, 2008ThinkGirlStill Waiting :-/...761629
Oct 29, 2008SchatziWell, I think I'm getting my answer......1041824
Oct 27, 2008SandiTAnother month...another disappointment!! :( But feeling opt...13727
Oct 27, 2008LScottJust charting for medical reasons...pregnancy is not an opti...9569
Oct 26, 2008babysterlingpierce0349
Oct 25, 2008babyacheOk, maybe this month...601058
Oct 25, 2008Yadi1Still Waiting!!...1152161
Oct 24, 2008Light12th Month TTC. Short Luteal Phase. Trying acupuncture and c...33883
Oct 23, 2008steph910Not quite sure about this period. 1st one after miscarriage...0532
Oct 22, 2008NikAnnFor a while there, I thought AF was toying with me. She can...271081
Oct 22, 2008jordansmomI am trying to make baby #2! I have PCOS with really irregul...3439
Oct 20, 2008Bezink0263
Oct 20, 2008TTCHere we go again, 8th month charting...591240
Oct 19, 2008azureblue29Getting the hang of this & beginning to understand my cycles...18675
Oct 19, 2008MiaLynnette0232
Oct 18, 2008Damitathis is the first month i charted every thing i have been on...1356
Oct 18, 2008Clareccc75Newbie - First month charting......12612
Oct 17, 2008mommy2bCan we hit the mark before DH leaves again for 3 weeks?...8511
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