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Oct 16, 2008maika0420
Oct 15, 2008sleepygirl6-day spotting after ovulation...0912
Oct 14, 2008EriksAJLiving on faith....36704
Oct 13, 2008BadgerOh well. Here's to another cycle. On the good side of things...611353
Oct 12, 2008svlasekI was hoping a positive pregnancy test was going to be my bi...11770
Oct 11, 2008CindylujahBFP!!!on Clomid/menapur/Trigger/IUI. Last month was a chemic...713342
Oct 11, 2008gersuz7879Took first nuvaring out on 11/6/08. Just waiting to see if I...29942
Oct 10, 2008meridenmaryCycle 3...8458
Oct 9, 2008NajoYARG!!!...27819
Oct 9, 2008jinxHere we go again! Maybe I'll get a nice birthday suprise :)...3449
Oct 8, 2008MaliaI knew it was coming.... watching another month... Good luck...881391
Oct 7, 2008amyalicepraying this is the month, just like everyone else :) not go...17732
Oct 7, 2008countrygrl20368
Oct 7, 2008Hope4SonI am so done!...11808
Oct 5, 2008ThinkGirlHe's an on time God,it may not come when I want it but,He wi...981562
Oct 5, 2008Babyprayers0227
Oct 5, 2008XONORA5Well, onto new cycle. Maybe birthday will bring good luck! B...761392
Oct 4, 2008MrsLiziG1st time charting this month! At first, I thought I Ovulated...31093
Oct 3, 2008gracelandgirlI guess God has other plans for us...942803
Oct 1, 2008Yadi1Spotting on CD10! Don't know what to think....791803
Sep 30, 2008babyacheFirst month charting...34956
Sep 29, 2008TinkerAnd again.... I have found out I have a short LP(usually 1...28882
Sep 29, 2008tulip230311
Sep 28, 2008steph9100440
Sep 28, 2008Thia28DPO & spotting. Please pray....932802
Sep 27, 2008Light11th month TTC. ARRGGGHHHH!!!! Short luteal phase. Dr wont r...27929
Sep 26, 2008babysiegel0200
Sep 25, 2008SandiTAnxiously awaiting...1st month of Clomid & Acupuncture...1401
Sep 25, 2008FawkesI have a feeling AF is on her way. I think its time to set u...591473
Sep 24, 2008prayers0811486
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