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Oct 20, 2008Bezink0331
Oct 19, 2008azureblue29Getting the hang of this & beginning to understand my cycles...18750
Oct 19, 2008MiaLynnette0328
Oct 18, 2008Damitathis is the first month i charted every thing i have been on...1416
Oct 18, 2008Clareccc75Newbie - First month charting......12678
Oct 17, 2008mommy2bCan we hit the mark before DH leaves again for 3 weeks?...8558
Oct 16, 2008maika0492
Oct 15, 2008sleepygirl6-day spotting after ovulation...01007
Oct 14, 2008EriksAJLiving on faith....36789
Oct 13, 2008BadgerOh well. Here's to another cycle. On the good side of things...611426
Oct 12, 2008svlasekI was hoping a positive pregnancy test was going to be my bi...11835
Oct 11, 2008CindylujahBFP!!!on Clomid/menapur/Trigger/IUI. Last month was a chemic...713457
Oct 11, 2008gersuz7879Took first nuvaring out on 11/6/08. Just waiting to see if I...291013
Oct 10, 2008meridenmaryCycle 3...8557
Oct 9, 2008NajoYARG!!!...27889
Oct 9, 2008jinxHere we go again! Maybe I'll get a nice birthday suprise :)...3564
Oct 8, 2008MaliaI knew it was coming.... watching another month... Good luck...881464
Oct 7, 2008countrygrl20413
Oct 7, 2008Hope4SonI am so done!...11908
Oct 7, 2008amyalicepraying this is the month, just like everyone else :) not go...17804
Oct 5, 2008XONORA5Well, onto new cycle. Maybe birthday will bring good luck! B...761461
Oct 5, 2008Babyprayers0300
Oct 5, 2008ThinkGirlHe's an on time God,it may not come when I want it but,He wi...981609
Oct 4, 2008MrsLiziG1st time charting this month! At first, I thought I Ovulated...31152
Oct 3, 2008gracelandgirlI guess God has other plans for us...942878
Oct 1, 2008Yadi1Spotting on CD10! Don't know what to think....791865
Sep 30, 2008babyacheFirst month charting...341031
Sep 29, 2008TinkerAnd again.... I have found out I have a short LP(usually 1...28948
Sep 29, 2008tulip230381
Sep 28, 2008steph9100508
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