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Oct 8, 2008MaliaI knew it was coming.... watching another month... Good luck...881316
Oct 7, 2008amyalicepraying this is the month, just like everyone else :) not go...17655
Oct 7, 2008Hope4SonI am so done!...11742
Oct 7, 2008countrygrl20332
Oct 5, 2008Babyprayers0144
Oct 5, 2008XONORA5Well, onto new cycle. Maybe birthday will bring good luck! B...761313
Oct 5, 2008ThinkGirlHe's an on time God,it may not come when I want it but,He wi...981518
Oct 4, 2008MrsLiziG1st time charting this month! At first, I thought I Ovulated...31051
Oct 3, 2008gracelandgirlI guess God has other plans for us...942716
Oct 1, 2008Yadi1Spotting on CD10! Don't know what to think....791725
Sep 30, 2008babyacheFirst month charting...34878
Sep 29, 2008tulip230241
Sep 29, 2008TinkerAnd again.... I have found out I have a short LP(usually 1...28804
Sep 28, 2008Thia28DPO & spotting. Please pray....932716
Sep 28, 2008steph9100358
Sep 27, 2008Light11th month TTC. ARRGGGHHHH!!!! Short luteal phase. Dr wont r...27847
Sep 26, 2008babysiegel0164
Sep 25, 2008FawkesI have a feeling AF is on her way. I think its time to set u...591384
Sep 25, 2008SandiTAnxiously awaiting...1st month of Clomid & Acupuncture...1311
Sep 24, 2008prayers0811421
Sep 23, 2008SchatziBFP!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT STILL!...1092884
Sep 22, 2008azureblue298382
Sep 20, 2008TTC36778
Sep 18, 2008NikAnnI'm pretty sure I am not PG... but this month I will not be...121177
Sep 17, 2008SelmaThis has got to be the longest most ridiculous cycle every.....30919
Sep 17, 2008mommy2bAnother month.......9585
Sep 16, 2008KellyRHere we go again... Not surprising with the back injury, but...10399
Sep 15, 2008BadgerMaca looks like it's working. Lots of EWCM. Fingers crossed...891369
Sep 15, 2008haigusHopefully 3rd times a charm!...13512
Sep 14, 2008meridenmary9407
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