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Aug 11, 2008jinxHere we go again, 5th chart! Hopefully 5 will be the lucky n...241439
Aug 10, 2008Yadi1God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot chan...641875
Aug 10, 2008amyalice0892
Aug 10, 2008CindylujahTWW after 2nd round of Clomid/IUI.dh is out of town so no ex...351553
Aug 9, 2008PCOSCysticFibrosisWhat is this spotting?!...3803
Aug 8, 2008wkmommyPositive Test! Antibiotics might have helped me out a bit b/...171426
Aug 7, 2008MaliaThis was my second cycle after having my baby 19 months prio...0848
Aug 7, 2008Hope4Son241118
Aug 6, 2008Lara2 months after Miscarriage!...21074
Aug 5, 2008gersuz7879Update: May have ovulated on CD 53. Using internet opks and...411849
Aug 5, 2008babyache0732
Aug 4, 2008svlasekWorking on baby #2...111154
Aug 4, 2008Brenn06C'mon God give me a break let this be my month and make it S...1454864
Aug 4, 2008TTC8933
Aug 3, 2008Light9th month TTC. Still no BFP and still only 9 DPO's....331529
Jul 30, 2008EriksAJStress caused this cycle and this cycle caused some stress!...811965
Jul 29, 2008SandiT0795
Jul 29, 2008prayers0816950
Jul 29, 2008LScottTemps are falling Only 4 DPO. Help...391922
Jul 28, 2008TSixth month charting...301335
Jul 28, 2008sheemtOkay here we go again, this time 32 days DPO, relatively hig...2837
Jul 26, 2008mic24BFP today!!!!!!...192877
Jul 25, 2008mommy2bHSG test on the 7th has to be repeated. Its rescheduled for...14993
Jul 25, 2008FawkesI wish AF would just get here so I could start all over :(...492053
Jul 24, 2008ThinkGirlI hope this is my last chart...1602596
Jul 24, 2008Badger511423
Jul 24, 2008Jen3141015
Jul 23, 2008ThiaI am going nutty~...772152
Jul 22, 2008LizasI swithched to b-100 vitamins to get more b-6....0730
Jul 20, 2008MoA new month!...191307
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