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Mar 31, 2008lilchikBFP!!!!!!...221759
Mar 31, 2008FUFFUF...28884
Mar 30, 2008LilineI feel disappointed and sad....91327
Mar 28, 2008Babyprayersstarted stims with 2cm cyst, doc decides 2 weeks into stims...0200
Mar 28, 2008Tstill ttc. . . second bbt also opks. One month down five to...311430
Mar 27, 2008emelizabethJust a regular month. No percription medicines. I take a mul...0301
Mar 27, 2008MorleyThis is my 1st month temping after several months of just gu...19660
Mar 26, 2008ayelllowLongest cycle ever!!!..feels like it anyway....1762933
Mar 26, 2008AmyVery confused about if I OV or not. I got a + on the OPK on...8692
Mar 26, 2008lyn1003desperately trying to conceive!!!...20609
Mar 25, 2008agourmetgalTTC for 15 months...5610
Mar 24, 2008hopingCan you temps stay high due to restless night's sleep?...201145
Mar 23, 2008akh1249
Mar 23, 2008XONORA5Thinking I might not have O'ed (or maybe haven't yet) this m...15759
Mar 22, 2008WaitingInLineI took 50mg Clomid CD 5-9. I started getting the faintest of...0589
Mar 21, 2008geeCD 86....751228
Mar 21, 2008Jodiva71TTC Round #2 - using "fresh" sperm from known sperm donor;...0246
Mar 20, 2008NikkiEmptyThis is my third cycle since i had an abortion due to poor p...6470
Mar 19, 2008DesperatelyTTC61287
Mar 18, 2008ZoeybooCycle 1 off Pill March 2008...0403
Mar 18, 2008CaperChickFirst time charting....0291
Mar 17, 2008Tannessa*UPDATE* Getting back on BCP before testing. BFP on 4/14 -...2846219
Mar 16, 2008BevClomid 50mg cd5-cd9. HCG shot cd13. Spotting cd7, Doctor sai...251050
Mar 16, 2008sammiesee how my tamp have a dip... could be somthing or not be.....6534
Mar 16, 2008JennyWTTC going on 6 mos......51074
Mar 15, 2008redbobbin2329
Mar 14, 2008PrncessNow I found O day...and then had a big dip again between DPO...7875
Mar 13, 2008amyalice0231
Mar 13, 2008JessicaMaria0297
Mar 12, 2008ladydodsonbasic charting, not bbt. monitoring my cm/placement. i had a...0366
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