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Chart Date Owner Chart Description Posts Views
Mar 15, 2008redbobbin2474
Mar 14, 2008PrncessNow I found O day...and then had a big dip again between DPO...7953
Mar 13, 2008amyalice0317
Mar 13, 2008JessicaMaria0383
Mar 12, 2008ladydodsonbasic charting, not bbt. monitoring my cm/placement. i had a...0516
Mar 11, 2008Lizas0257
Mar 10, 2008jmeasterFirst month charting...4614
Mar 10, 2008ThiaBWTT<better work this time CHART!...91520
Mar 9, 2008mic242456
Mar 7, 2008jennh3543
Mar 7, 2008BabyDoll0523
Mar 5, 2008LightThis will be 4th month TTC. Trying OPK's for the first time...121565
Mar 4, 2008pantalones0232
Mar 3, 2008illinoisangel97first cycle after m/c ttc....5965
Mar 2, 2008Babyprayersstarting BC for IVF prep...0241
Mar 2, 2008Selma0491
Feb 28, 2008LizbethnMarkFirst cycle charting! I've been using OPKs for the last few...111009
Feb 27, 2008TFirst BBT chart also using OPK...8729
Feb 27, 2008emelizabeth0330
Feb 27, 2008Amy1335
Feb 26, 2008NurseJenny790318
Feb 26, 2008Court0467
Feb 24, 2008XONORA5O'ed CD16; luteal of 12. Last month luteal of 12. Is it safe...0498
Feb 24, 2008Jodiva71First TTC attempt ever!...1602
Feb 23, 2008hopingist month temping...0643
Feb 23, 2008LilineHoping this cycle brings some joy in my life....3831
Feb 23, 2008mannajane1748
Feb 19, 2008WaitingInLine0347
Feb 18, 2008lilchik1st time charting,so cervical position,texture and CM may no...4673
Feb 18, 2008LauraTTCcycle 4 - "O" CD 28 - Late ovulation...2993
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