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Before 2004, I had never seen my GP or gynaecologist with regard to menstrual problems. However i knew if I did I needed to be able to share my menstrual cycle history.

So in 2004 I began using MyMonthlyCycles, and was really pleased at how much information I could record and at how easy it was to print off cycle history charts. One of the registrars I saw commented how useful the information was.

The info I provided helped my drs diagnose my condition, but I also found it hugely benefical, since you easily forget what happens when. In fact I was shocked by my own history. Seeing it in black and white highlighted the issues clearly, and if I had found this site earlier I think I would have sought treatment far earlier.

MyMonthlyCycles is a fabulous site if you have problems, but is also really helpful in planning ahead. I recommend it to every woman.

-- Becky, UK

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