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Premium Services and MyMonthlyCycles have definitely helped me with being more in the "know" about my fertility and my monthly cycles.

I started recording my monthly cycles in May or June last year and I think I became more serious about it in September and tried as best as possible to enter symptons leading up to my period, blood flow, start and end dates etc.

For the first time in my life came to recognise when I was fertile. This was my first ever try for child (I am 37) and sad as it may sound I had never ever had reason to notice when I was fertile. I roughly new when my periods were due and that was it.

When I started to seriously try for a baby 8 months ago or so and read all the stories which apppear almost daily in the news papers about leaving it late to have kids (after 35) and how difficult it is to concieve, I got really worried. I joined this website simply to chart my periods and then got to know about ovulation and not long after noticed the premium service to which i subscribed.

I am very glad that I did because I can quite happily say that I am just under six weeks pregnant and if all goes well I will be due in October this year.

After a while, I knew exactly when I was most fertile (recoginised the signs) and more likely to conceive. I knew immediately when I was pregnant as my periods are regular and the charts showed me on average when to expect my period and how long it lasted. With a no show I thought there was a glitch, but when one day became 5 and my breasts were still sore, I knew there was more to it....

A week later, armed with a printed copy of my monthly cycle chart, I went to see my GP. She did a pregnancy test which showed up positive. I am over the moon......I have my first meet with my Midwife soon. Much love, Good luck and God Bless

-- Rache, London, England

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