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Cycle Perplexities

Is your cycle misbehaving? Like your usual N-day menstrual cycle is all of a sudden longer or shorter, or you're spotting where AF should be here in full force, or PMS symptoms but no sign of AF? And has it got you thinking (...pregnant?), or generally confused or stressed or time to call the OB/Gyn? CycleView your cycle!

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Posted by: tfyx3 on Oct 23, 2010
Cycle Perplexities

cramps that have a party in your tummy & crazy periods

This is my first post, just looking for some advice or just to know im not alone. i just started tracking af 7 mos ago,i have always had irregular af, but my cycle has been 25-26 days. this month my af was supose to be here oct 16 it didnt come until oct 19, the problem is my period days are between 6-7 days, what is happening is 4 days into my af it getting real light in flo,(brownish red) normally for me my flo is medium to heavy @ least 5-7 day. im having cramps that wakes me out of a deep sleep just plain crazy. Keep in mind i always had bad cramps but it's only the first 2 days then no cramps heavy flo...could i be preg or see a doc...

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Posted by: Olives on Oct 23, 2010
Cycle Perplexities

TTC at 44 - Pergoveris

I hope someone can give me some advice.
I am 44 and been ttc since March.
My Gyno has run tests and there is nothing physically wrong with either my partner or myself.
After two doses of clomid my Gyno has now prescribed Pergoveris.
I am uneasy about these injections and was wondering whether anyone could give me their views.
I have a regular 26 day cycle (although this month I had another period during ovulation).
Also I had a miscarriage 4 years ago.


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Posted by: sherries on Oct 20, 2010
Cycle Perplexities

please help me out here

ughh i have a cycle of 31 days and i still not getting pregnant... i have been trying for over 6months like i dont understand why i cant get pregnant.. my mother had a hard time with me to.. like i want to go to the doctors and tell them im having a hard time but i dont know what to say.. i need some help ladies am i the only one having a hard time?

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Posted by: miss04 on Oct 13, 2010
Cycle Perplexities

wth!!! so confuse

i am so confuse!!! I have a somewhat of a normal cycle 33-38 days. My last af was sep. 24 but i started spotting brownish blood on oct. 10 and my period is not due until oct 27 this is my first time spotting and lately i been have headaches and backaches, picked up a few pounds and been sleepy and always hungry but i think thats just normal pms. i dont know whats really going on. is this normal? or could i be pregnant? or am i ovulating? somebody please help!!!

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Posted by: Dylansmomma on Oct 8, 2010
Cycle Perplexities

Pap spotting vs early AF???

So I'm supposed to be CD 25 today. I am normally about a 30 day cycle. I went for a pap 2 days ago and started spotting pinky brown. I understand this is normal. Today I continue to spot, although now it seems a little heavier - same colour. I have been having mild cramps, but this has been going on for almost a whole week now. I don't normally cramp until AF has started. I thought I might have been pregnant, but I don't think I am now. I haven't done a test yet, as I wasn't due for my period until the 14th. Has anyone heard of a pap test triggering an early period? Do you think I'm still just spotting from the pap? At this point I'm not overly worried about whether I'm pregnant or not, I just don't really know if I should consider this a period or not??? Any advice??

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Posted by: ADosia on Oct 7, 2010
Cycle Perplexities

Help, it won't go away! Bad Period...

I have always had an irregular period. I stopped taking birth control in February of this year and did not see my period again till August. My husband and I have been trying to conceive since May. Now I have been getting my period twice a month. My last period was on the 26th of September and has yet to leave. I am going on a 2 week stretch with this horror... This is the longest I have ever dealt with this and it is a little nerve wrecking. Any suggestions??? I am lost for words.

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