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TTC After Birth Control
Did you recently -- or some time ago -- come off birth control to TTC? What birth control were you using? Have your periods/cycles returned to your normal? Are you waiting a few months, or trying right away?
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TTC After Birth Control
TTC after Mirena removal
So I'm sure someone has already posted about this, but I am curious.... After having my Mirena for about 9 months, I had it removed on DEC 19 2014.... Bleeding statred on DEC 21 2014 and stopped on DEC 31 2014... My husband and I are TTC and I'm curious about others experiences with TTC after Mirena removal... How long did it take you to conceive, how long did it take your body to get back to "normal", ect.

Thank you so much in advance!

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TTC After Birth Control
1st Month off BC pills! Help!
My husband and I decided its time to TTC. I finished my last pack of Sprintec BC. Received the usual withdrawal bleeding (during placebo pills) on Nov 7th 2013, ended Nov 11th. I woke up nauseous Nov 13th and vomited once, felt nauseous for a week after that (thought I might be pg but then realized its probably side effects from stopping bc). Then cramping began Nov 16th (thinking maybe I am ovulating!), but then I started light bleeding Nov 19th! Bleeding stopped today! (Nov 22). I am confused. Was that considered my 1st period after quitting birth control? (only 3 days of bleeding). Could this have been implantation bleeding even though it was only a week and a half after my withdrawal bleed? I am trying not to get my hopes up that I could possibly be pregnant, but then I am scared if that was my period because it was so short (lighter than usual) and very close to my withdrawal bleed.

Any comments? I took hpt test yesterday and its negative (thinking its to soon to test anyways).

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TTC After Birth Control
TTC after impant for 2 years plus
Came off contraceptive implant in May 2013. I had it in for two and a half years and i have read so many reviews about people not conceiving for years or having periods for years after taking them out. My periods were so heavy this last year! I hope to get my cycle regular in 4 months so i can TTC, low and behold i just had another period! so will plot for 3 months and see what happens.
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TTC After Birth Control
Still waiting for the monthly visitor.
Got off BC in Dec 2012, got my first period on Feb 5 and the next on April 1, still waiting for another period to come. Have been on the pill for 8 years and prior to the pill my cycle was a regular 30 day cycle. I believed its messed up my system, havent tried any other thing, as my periods are so far apart I cant even chart. Hoping to see the doctor next month for a thorough evaluation, hopefully everything is alright and my body just needs to get back in sync.
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TTC After Birth Control
TTC after BC
I stopped taking my BC in march after 2 yrs on it. I had my first regular period April 24. We've been trying to conceive. I'm praying a lot for it. Hopefully this month as I'm in my fertile period now will ovulate on Wednesday
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TTC After Birth Control
am so frustrated. i have been trying to conceive for the past 3months in vain. i was on the logynon pill since 2008 n stopped last oct. my last periods are as follows : Dec 1 2012, Dec 28 2012, Jan 26 2013, Feb 23 2013. i dont realy know when i had my period for nov coz i spotted for a week then a normal flow came. i wanted to know what can i do to help myself conceive? and if i can have my period without ovulating? worst more, i dont have any kids!!
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