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I don't like my period!
What do you dislike most about your period? Is it the cramps? Bloating & Water Retention? Feminine protection hassles? Something else? What comes next on your dislike period list?
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I don't like my period!
My Least Favorite Aunt
I hate everything about my period. Bloating, cramping, headaches, diarrhea and nausea. But what really gets me are the mood swings. I can be happy one second and down right mean the next. My period can get so bad that I have to miss work! Sometimes, it so heavy that I could soak through two pads in less than an hour. Other times it's very light or have spotting for six days (the usual lenght of time for my period). The time between periods are no pinic for me either. I never had a "regular" cycles but what I dealing with is ridiculous. My cycles range from 29 to 89 days and always seem to come on the days when I have a vacation or anything special planned. I hate my periods with a passion and I can't wait to be done with it. Can anyone relate?
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I don't like my period!
My Period Pisses Me Off Because I Don't Want Child
Periods are an annoyance for me because I do NOT want to have children. I am child-free by choice and proud of it. I use this site because it's great for tracking my menstrual cycle. I am very disheartened that so much focus of the site is on TTC. What about those of use who are trying to avoid? Where's the support for that?? I use the FAM method of contraception and it's been very effective. So far I've never had a single pregnancy scare. Grateful for that. But dealing with periods suck for me because I feel like utter crap the week or two before it starts. The period itself is fairly easy to deal with but it still pisses me off that I menstruate in the first place, especially since I don't even want kids. Grrrrrrr.
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I don't like my period!
hate my period
hate all of it really - just doesn't seem fair does it ?
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I don't like my period!
The Curse!
I think the things I hate most about my period are days 1-3 of it. Day 1 usually brings really bad cramps. Day 2 usually brings really bad cramps and my period is usually its heaviest. On day 3, usually my period is still pretty heavy, but not as heavy as day 2.
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I don't like my period!
Stupid period, how I hate you so!
OMGoodness, where do I begin? I seriously hate the cramping. It gets so intense that it shoots through my hips down to my knees. I end up taking ALOT of Tylenol or Aleve for it but anymore it barely makes a dent in the pain. Then there's the bleeding. Nothing better than having to wear a jumbo tampon and xtralong pad b/c day 2 and 3 are super heavy, reminiscent of a horror movie. Also, I refuse to wear pants that're anything lighter than a shade of black in case I leak. I've have a period since I was 12 and even now, after 17 yrs of it, I still get just as anxious about it as I did when I first started - What if it gets on my clothes? - What if I start early and don't have anything with me? Plus I hate having to use that much more t.p. However, since my DH and I are TTC, just getting a period makes me feel like such a failure.
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I don't like my period!
Well, first on my list are the cramps. I am also wondering how many of you ladies have a significant decrease in your libido? Yesterday I really had a hard time with my husband showing me affection, I actually got annoyed at it but told him and he understood. How do you ladies experience the fluctuations in your libido?
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