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Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...

Are you dealing with heavy periods, irregular cycles, Endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS, anovulatory cycles or other gynecological issues? How does it impact your day to day? What treatment has your doctor given you? Has it resolved the problem?

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Posted by: Leelee22 on May 9, 2016
Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...

Endo Concern and Fibroids, Cysts and Heavy Flow

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can share their experience and advice. I have had heavy and painful flows for years but I've just lived with it. I have had 2 fibroids and cysts that come and go but the dr never raised any concerns (said they were small). Well I had changed dr's recently because I was feeling concerned about my care and I was not feeling too good about the pain and such anymore. Well, They found that the fibroid had grown, the lining was thicker than should be, and suggested a lap to check for endo. A few weeks after, I had serious pain and an unending flow for about 3wks. They found a pedunculated fibroid that may have ruptured, a cyst and scheduled a myomectomy. Dr want to do it using robotics. Cycle irregular since with severe cramps and OV pain but no cycle-almost 20 days late (always been regular before this fiasco) Anyone ever had or knows someone who has had this (symptoms, experience, surgery)? I'm quite nervous. Haven't had any children yet but do desire to have at least one.

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Posted by: Marissa_R on Nov 19, 2012
Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...

PCOS, TTC & Exercise

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early to mid 20s. Been married for nearly 7 years now and no kids. I read many places online that one way to reverse PCOS was to get more exercise. Well, I started exercising the beginning of September and my period came. 28 days later I had my second flow. Now I'm a few days late and spotting brown-reddish brown and cramping so I'm sure my period is coming again albeit about 4 days late.

Has anyone here ever conceived after being diagnosed with PCOS without having to take drugs or surgery or anything but just from exercising and eating sensibly?? I appreciate the support of others who are strggling with PCOS but I really wanna know about anyone who conceived naturally.

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Posted by: MrsPete on Aug 21, 2012
Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...


This month my hubby & I started undergoing the initial fertility tests after TTC for a year with no luck. I am 9 days from 34 & he is 39. Hubby has had a semen analysis & checks out 100% okay. My day 3 bloodwork came back normal but my day 3 ultrasound showed a large fibroid in my uterus. I am scheduled for a laporscopy on Sept 18th. I am scared out of my mind. Has anyone has success conceiving after removal of fibroids? Everything I read online suggests that my fertility will be compromised.

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Posted by: prissypriss on Feb 27, 2012
Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...

Endo heartbroken </3

Endometriosis is horrible and i am living proof of the pain and suffering it causes!! i've had endo for the last 12 years making my life so hard to deal with, and to make it worse I barely found out in 2009 :/ i've been married for 7 years going on 8 this year. we have been trying to conceive for 6 years n no luck :*( my dr.s put me on b/c with no sugar pills non stop so i would not bleed and cause more tissue to build or grow, i just got off a 19 day period because of a error in my prescription and will not b taking b/c to try to conceive naturally for the next month, if it does not happen then IVF here I come when ever it is I get a hold of that type of money.... honestly I have no hope at the moment that i will ever create my own child... heartbroken

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Posted by: Gika on Jan 13, 2012
Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...

I need your feedback!

I have PCOS, and lasted more than a year with out one period. On September of 2011, i saw a Doctor who did tests that in the 5 years that my husband and I have been TTC have never been done tome. Well, according to him my tubes were completely blocked, and ofcourse my ovaries full of cysts. (my old doctor said i had ONLY 2 very small cysts, and that I shouldnt worry....) Ugghhh !!! ....Well lets continue, i under went surgery and had all the cysts removed, my tubes unblocked and all cleaned and ready to go! A bit painful, but hopeful. Ever since my surgery i have been getting regular heavy flow periods. With a 37 day cycle! YAYAAAA!!! Its been 4 1/2 months from my surgery. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant after this type of procedure?? Any thoughts?? I have been happilly married for 7 years with the most amazing man! Only need a child to make our wonderful hapy life complete.

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Posted by: ladyc on Aug 9, 2011
Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...

Curious of symptoms

Hi ladies. I was told yeaterday after having my yearly exam that my uterus is enlarged. Haven't had a cycle since June 17th and a IUD user. She also couldn't find my strings or the IUD. So she ordered a U/S to check for possible pregnancy, fibroids, and to see if IUD still in place. I've done a little research about enlarged uterus and Fibroids, endometriosis, and adenomyosis came up as well as pregnancy. What were your symptoms when learning you have this issue? My symptoms have been slight pregnancy symptoms but has gotten better over the last few days. My test is in the morning but a little nervous and want to be prepared for the worst but pray for the best!

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