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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
While Trying to Conceive, have you found others (even people you barely know) asking prying questions or offering unsolicited advice? Do you think they mean well and just don't think, or are they being meddling and/or on the rude side? Do you respond, ignore it, brew over it all night...?
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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
some advice may work, some may not....
I had my TR Feb 25 2013 and I find anyone whose been there or just regular TTC can be helpful. When people give me advice whether I've asked or not, I research it before I take it because I am a mother and this is still my body and somethings may not be right for it, some things can be harmful depending on your health.

You know it doesn't hurt to listen. if you take it great if not then no harm but you just never know until you try or in some cases find out from others it don't work.

best of luck to you.

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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
Not telling!
Oh my I've try to concentrate in other stuff and not think on TTC but is just hard. Then I want to spread my happiness of TTC to my sisters and BFF but just can't. I feel that if I tell them then they will be asking me all kind of questions everytime we get to talk and that might not be very fun to tell them no am not preggo yet. Ugh! How can you ladies deal with this frustration, I can advise others on keeping calm but me, myself, I just CAN"T Lol. Then to top it off my father in-law call yesterday to ask if I was preggo already ugh and is the second time he ask about it. I'm trying to keep calm but I think is because I don't have anyone to talk to so am getting closture(i think thats how u say it). So ladies I personally do want to tell but just knowing the fact that it will stress me even more no am not telling. Thank God this websites is here cause I needed to vent. Baby dust to all.
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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
Smiling about "our" secret
My DH and I are TTC #3. We've chosen to only tell our very closest friends to avoid having to answer the constant questioning and obvious raised eyebrow looks (you know, the "I wonder if she's pregnant yet? Maybe they aren't doing it right" looks you get when ppl know you're TTC) I also like the idea of sharing a secret with my DH and close friends. When I was pregnant with our DD and DS we told everyone else after about 8 wks. At that point I knew that if something did happen, God forbid, that I'd have a larger support system.
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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
Embarrassed / Getting over hang ups
I never wanted kids, NEVER! I always said things like 'any woman who wants to put herself through all that just to have a screaming mess at the end must be off her rocker!' This caused some problems as my b/f really wanted to have kids with me. A couple of years ago me and my boyfriend(now hubby) had an accidental pregnancy. Contrary to previous beliefs I realised I could not terminate, no way.

Had a m/c in the end and had to have an ERPC (d&c?) to remove. It was only early on but it was pretty heartbreaking.

After the hormones died away again I went back to same old me: too many hobbies and desires to want to put kids in the mix. Poor DH was upset.

Anyway, about 2 months ago, it's like I had an overnight hormone implant. And now, what do I want? A baby!

BUT I am so embarrassed about it! I feel like its partly because I'm finally accepting being a woman whereas I always feared that part of me before. I can't help worrying that my mum will be disappointed with me. There's no way I could tell them that we're TTC! But I did finally hint to a couple of friends the other day, by which I mean I said that I had changed my mind about the whole kids thing and was even considering the possibility of having one sooner rather than later.

For so long I think I viewed became 'feminine' as weak, but now I know it's not. I also think some of my hang ups about it weren't mine but maybe my mum's as, although she loves us, I think we were a shock (me especially, being the oldest) and I know she wishes she'd done 'more' with her life. If only she could see that she still has the chance!

Anyway....I guess I'm ranting here because I don't know who else to talk to, except DH!

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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
No say
With our first we were just going to get off birth control and "let it happen" without actively trying. To my shame I made sure our BD timing was on schedule and we conceived the first cycle :) We have just started TTC #2 and I'm in the 2WW. I don't dare tell anyone we're TTC for fear that we might have troubles. Our first came so easy, I'm not sure if it's because I'm fertile Myrtle or it was just luck. Both my mother and my mother-in-law had trouble conceiving at one point or another, so it makes me nervous. Also the fear of miscarriage makes me nervous to make any pregnancy announcements before week 12, but to have family support might be nice... What do you girls think?
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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
my little secret...
Has anyone TTC w/o their SO knowing?

I mean, I didn't really entirely do it behind his back... and it's not like my fiance doesn't know I'm charting and know where my FM charts are at... plus, he knew well enough to notice when I was late for sure.

Really though, I know deep down he wants it as bad as me; especially since we had an ectopic PG back in OCT and it was a HUGE disappointment to him.

If the BD we did when I was OV this month worked, should I ever tell him of my conspiracy? I'm pretty sure we're PG again, and I feel so devious... :\

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TTC - To Say or Say Not?
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